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A Car and Its Boy: WA Teen's 16th Birthday Present is a Driver's Dream

Written by Jedidiah Maynes, Walla Walla Lifestyles
Drew Morgan looks on as work is being done on his Volvo by Jim Johnson. Drew Morgan looks on as work is being done on his Volvo by Jim Johnson. Greg Lehman, Walla Walla Lifestyles


Drew Morgan had never met the car before.

It had been rolled out of a barn in the dark of night and whisked away to a repair shop in Yakima, WA. He knew some basics about it---year, make, model, color. But his 16th birthday present was still a bit of a mystery until the day he finally was united with it in Milton-Freewater.


The 1966 Volvo P1800 wasn’t necessarily his first choice, either.


When he was young, his first choice may have been a train. He faithfully watched Thomas the Tank Engine, and then he graduated to model trains before eventually becoming obsessed with cars around age 12.


“If they made a movie about [Drew] it would be called ‘Trains, Guitars and Cars,’” said his mother, Belle Altera. “Because that’s how he started---trains, guitars and cars.”


As his admiration for the automobile grew, there was one in particular for which he had an affinity.


“I watched 'Charlie’s Angels' as a kid and they had that one car in it and I always loved it---the '70s Mustang,” Morgan said. “I always said, ‘hey, I want one of those.’”


It was the first car he looked for when he was given the gift of choosing a car for his 16th birthday.


He poked around on Craigslist and eBay but to no avail. So his mother encouraged him to maybe look for something different.


“So then I looked around and looked at the most reliable classic cars,” Morgan said. “Classic cars for the daily drive. Cars that are practical but also cool.”

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