Monday, 10 August 2020 19:12

Fix Auto USA Expands in Orange County, CA

Fix Auto USA on Aug. 10 announced its newest location, Fix Auto Lake Forest, in Orange County, CA.

Fix Auto Lake Forest is the eighth California location for Franchise Partner Richard Fish and second for Bryan Wendt, who, with Fish, operates Fix Auto Kearny Mesa in San Diego.


“Fix Auto Lake Forest is such an incredible story for our network. Amid so much uncertainty lies opportunity, and that’s exactly what Richard and Bryan see in Fix Auto Lake Forest. Further, this location was previously operated by another multi-site operator who elected to not hold onto the store as a result from COVID-19,” said Fix Auto President Paul Gange. “Mid-pandemic, and with the power and strength of Fix Auto USA’s platform, they chose to press forward and launch the store from 'zero' with the complete confidence of our recognizable brand and systems. Every franchise partner within our system is incredibly talented and entrepreneurial, and Fix Auto Lake Forest is the latest example of that and how unique our enterprise is.”


“Everyone responds to adversity and instability differently, but Bryan and I chose to strike when an opportunity presented itself," said co-owner Fish. "When COVID-19 forced many to shudder, we raised our periscope and searched for opportunities, and that’s what we saw in our newest location---a chance to advance the brand forward. This shop, in particular, will always have a unique and memorable story enveloping it, but we always knew we could rely on just how powerful Fix Auto USA is and the team helping us launch this store.”


“Since becoming a franchise partner when we opened Fix Auto Kearny Mesa, I’ve been able to quickly understand why operators make the choice to align with Fix Auto USA. By joining, we were able to take advantage of platforms, systems and processes that, on my own, we wouldn’t be able to execute on,” said co-owner Wendt. “It would be extremely difficult to imagine going through COVID-19 without the strength and support we receive from Fix Auto USA and the other franchise partners we have access to as part of our owners community. We’re very excited to open Fix Auto Lake Forest and are looking to be operating at full steam very quickly.”


“When we launched Fix Auto USA in 2011, we did so knowing many would come to rely on and leverage our platform for their continued growth, and Fix Auto Lake Forest embodies this perfectly. On behalf of the entire Fix Auto USA family, we couldn’t be more proud of our partnership with Richard and Bryan and look forward to seeing Fix Auto Lake Forest at capacity,” added Gange.  


Source: Fix Auto

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