Wednesday, 01 July 2020 16:46

Tesla ‘Roadrunner’ Battery Cell Facility Begins to Take Shape at Fremont

Written by Simon Alvarez, Teslarati


Recent images taken of Tesla’s battery production facility in Kato Road near the Fremont Factory in California suggest the expansion of the site is already underway.

According to a Tesla owner-enthusiast who recently visited the location, the site of Tesla’s Project “Roadrunner” is now abuzz with activity.


Tesla community member @sensarpensar opted to visit Tesla’s Fremont delivery center as the company was undergoing its final end of quarter sprint.

During his visit, the Tesla owner remarked there were numerous people taking delivery of their vehicles. Tesla Model Y units being handed over to customers also had VINs in the 24k range. This suggests the company’s production of the all-electric crossover is hitting its stride.


Following his visit to Tesla’s delivery site at Fremont, the EV enthusiast headed over to the company’s Kato Road facility, where the company’s pilot battery production line is reportedly being ramped. Documents filed to the City of Fremont indicate Tesla intends to expand the facility by adding another floor to the existing building, and this is exactly what was happening during the Tesla owner’s visit.


In a followup tweet, @sensarpensar noted a massive crane has been set up on the site, and there was a significant number of construction workers in the location. Looking at the images, it appears some of the steel framework of the Kato Road facility’s additional floor has been set up as well.


This is quite encouraging to see, as it highlights Tesla’s intention to ramp the operations of its pilot battery cell production line.


According to Tesla’s filings with the City of Fremont, the expanded facility will be housing 45 research and development employees and up to 425 manufacturing workers spread through several shifts from Monday to Friday.


Multiple job openings related to cell manufacturing activities have been posted by Tesla in recent months as well, including listings for cell engineers, production process engineers and controls engineers, all based in Fremont.

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