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Tuesday, 24 September 2019 20:52

CA Attorney General Becerra Sues “Paul Blanco’s Good Car Company”

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra filed a lawsuit in the Alameda County Superior Court against Paul Blanco’s Good Car Company, a network of motor vehicle dealerships, and it’s Chief Executive Paul Blanco alleging that the company engaged in a variety of unlawful business practices.

These practices include false advertising regarding credit and discount programs, making false statements on credit applications, and deceiving customers regarding add-on products and additional charges.


“A car is one of the largest, and most important purchases for many families, allowing people to get to work, school, and connect to their communities,” said Attorney General Becerra. “Far from a good car company, Paul Blanco’s abhorrent conduct put vulnerable families at risk, through deceitful advertising and illegal sales and lending practices. It’s disgraceful and it’s unlawful.”


The lawsuit charges Blanco with making false statements on credit applications, including by deceiving lenders about the value of vehicles and the consumer’s ability to repay the loans. This allowed the company to boost their profits through improperly financed sales and increased the risk that the consumers would be saddled with loans that they could not afford.


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