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Friday, 12 July 2019 13:07

Sacramento County Says It’s Illegal to Work on Your Own Car in Your Own Garage

Written by Walter Olson, Overlawyered

It’s common for communities to use zoning codes to exclude commercial and industrial uses from residential areas, but Sacramento County, CA, seems extra-zealous about making sure that residents don’t try to operate auto repair businesses amid homes.

While it concedes to residents the right to perform minor auto repairs on their own cars in their driveway or garage, it bans repairs or maintenance in any of the following circumstances:

  1. Using tools not normally found in a residence;
  2. Conducted on vehicles registered to persons, not currently residing on the lot or parcel;
  3. Conducted outside a fully enclosed garage and resulting in any vehicle being inoperable for a period in excess of twenty-four hours.

So if you’re thinking of doing fairly minor work on your dad’s or girlfriend’s car, or trying any work that might run into a snag and have to be carried over to the next day — let alone working on a project car as a hobby, as many do — Sacramento County has other plans, and it doesn’t matter whether or not you are creating any nuisance for neighbors. “One commenter on the Grassroots Motorsports forum reported that he’d already been issued a $430 fine for working on his car in his garage.” [Jason Torchinsky, Jalopnik]


We thank Overlawyered for reprint permission.

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