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Wednesday, 09 January 2019 21:48

Driver Crashes Into Collision Repair Business Displaying 'Don't Drink and Drive!' Truck in OR

Written by Joe Douglass, KATU News

A Salem, OR, business owner fears for his life after another driver plowed through his fence right next to a truck with "Don't drink and drive!" painted on it. He said it's the fourth major crash like it in less than three years.


"Something's gotta be done," explained Denis Lafferty, who owns Carzntrux Collision Repair off Hoyt Street and Pringle Road Southeast.


He said that since he started the business in 2006, he's seen a lot of crashes.


"There have been 15 to 20 since then, minor and major," Lafferty told a KATU reporter Jan. 4.


He said he painted a sign on a pickup truck in his lot after a crash in April 2016.


"The first guy came over the fence and took the roof off," Lafferty said. "It destroyed the truck."


After that, he wrote "Don't drink and drive!" on the pickup and lifted it up as a barricade. But less than two months later, police say a drunk driver crashed into the truck. KATU was there to cover the story.


"Since then, there [has been] another one," Lafferty said. "A BMW hit the gate post, destroyed the whole fence. Had to replace it again, and that was less than six months ago."


Then about 2 p.m. on Jan. 3, police said a woman driving a mini-van crashed through Lafferty's fence again.


"It was just a huge crash. Just a bang," Lafferty said. "I kind of felt the impact. I was in the shop here."


Officers said neighbors reported that the woman was driving erratically. They said she was taken to the hospital but is expected to survive. Results from a blood test were expected back the week of Jan. 6.


After the crash KATU covered in 2016, the city said it installed new signs around the corner, but Lafferty said it needs a guardrail.


"If it happens at 2:00 in the afternoon, chances are I'll be out in that yard and I could've gone," he explained. "And if I go, then the city is partly in legal jeopardy from lawsuits from my family. So they need to do something."


We thank KATU News for reprint permission.

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