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Friday, 04 January 2019 18:40

Auto Manufacturers Threaten Local Bumper Business Survival in Gilroy, CA

Written by Jacob Bourne, The Silicon Valley Voice


CalRecycle is a department within the California Environmental Protection Agency that oversees all the hazardous material and recycling programs in the state. Much of CalRecycle’s $1.4 billion budget flows back into local economies in the form of payments and grants to help recycling and waste management businesses operate. However, vehicle tires are currently the only rubber product that the agency has programs geared toward.


“California does not have any programs related to bumper recycling or a specific list of businesses that conduct that work,” stated Lance Klug, public information officer at CalRecycle.


As the business hangs in limbo, Foote has placed some hope in community activism as he tries to communicate his plight to insurance company representatives. He has also reached out to the California State Automotive Association and state politicians, seeking policy avenues that may keep Faith Bumper afloat.


We thank The Silicon Valley Voice for reprint permission.

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