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Tuesday, 06 March 2018 19:17

Cars Still Being Repaired After Wrecks in Northern Nevada

Written by Ryan Curry, News 4 On Your Side

Dozens of cars involved in two massive accidents are still being repaired after a week.

Donnie Thiessens owns Liberty Auto Collision. He said the winter had been mild until the wrecks.


"We're not so much overloaded---We just knew we had some work coming," Thiessens said. "We really haven't had any bad weather until just recently. We are probably a week behind."


Two major crashes involving 55 cars blocked traffic for hours. Thiessens received a couple cars from those wrecks, one of which was irreparable. The ones he could repair will take him close to a month to fix.


"It can sometimes take up to a month to fix some of them," Thiessens said. "The hill is closed right now because of the weather, so we can't get any parts over the hill."


Nevada Highway Patrol said winter weather was a contributing factor to the accidents. NHP wants everyone to remember to drive slowly during hostile road conditions.


"Slow down and reduce your speed," trooper Matt McLaughlin said. "Sometimes if you don't feel comfortable driving on the interstate, on 580 or 80 or whatever it might be, take the surface streets."


We thank News 4 On Your Side for reprint permission. 

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