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Wednesday, 13 March 2019 15:24

2019 ASCCA/CalABC/CAA Joint Legislative Day To Take Place April 23

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Every year, without exception, more than 2,500 separate bills hit the Capitol in Sacramento, CA, all at once.


How many of these will impact the collision repair industry, either positively or negatively? And how can body shops be a part of the legislative process before decisions are made that will change the industry forever?


These are important questions often discussed in detail and addressed every year during the ASCCA/CalABC/CAA Joint Legislative Day. This year, it will be held in Sacramento on April 23 and give automotive repair professionals an opportunity to meet with their state representatives. The day is sponsored by California Autobody Association (CAA); California Automotive Business Coalition (CalABC), an organization that has represented the automotive industry since 1992; and Automotive Service Councils of America (ASSCA), which represents the mechanical side of the industry.


CAA lobbyist Jack Molodanof works closely with the association’s executive committee to alert it of proposed bills that can affect the industry. Staying on top of these bills is always a big job for him and his team---a task that has to be performed literally every day, according to Molodanof.


"We dedicate hundreds of hours every year to monitor these bills," he said. "There are always a lot of different groups out there with different agendas, so we need to be vigilant and thorough to target the ones we need to address. Bills are often amended and completely changed in some cases, so this is an ongoing process that we need to scrutinize on a continual basis."


One bill that is of particular importance to the automotive repair industry this year is SB 522 (Hertzberg), Molodanof said.


"This is the taxation bill, and it could affect us in a huge way because if it passes, consumers would have to pay taxes on services such as collision and mechanical repairs. Governor Brown has expressed interest in restructuring the state’s tax system and realigning the 'outdated tax code with the realities of California’s 21st-century economy,' so yes---we're concerned about this one and want to play a role in blocking it," he said.

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