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Thursday, 16 November 2017 21:50

SEMA Announces Collision Repair & Refinish New Product Award Winners

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ALLDATA captured first place in the Collision Repair and Refinish category in the 2017 SEMA New Products Showcase. From left, Mechanical Field Rep Joe Foti and General Manager Satwinder Mangat proudly display their trophy. ALLDATA captured first place in the Collision Repair and Refinish category in the 2017 SEMA New Products Showcase. From left, Mechanical Field Rep Joe Foti and General Manager Satwinder Mangat proudly display their trophy.

If you can come up with an innovative, cutting-edge piece of equipment, tool or product that can help the collision repair industry, the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) is willing to give you a shot at the big-time. 

It's called the SEMA New Products Showcase Award, and it can provide a shortcut to success for an established or growing business that captures one of these highly respected awards that are recognized throughout the automotive industry worldwide. 

More than 3,000 products were entered into 16 different showcase categories to be considered for the SEMA New Product Awards this year. Winners were judged on a wide range of criteria, including quality, marketability, innovation, technology and consumer appeal, among others. 

First place in the Collision Repair and Refinish category this year went to ALLDATA for its Collision Advantage system, while the two runners-up were the Welding Gun Holder by MiG BUDDY by GeorgeB Design and Avery Dennison for its Supreme Wrapping™ Film Metallic Series.

ALLDATA General Manager Satwinder Mangat proudly displayed the first place trophy at his company's booth throughout the show. 

"Now service writers and technicians can get OEM-accurate estimates the first time and help limit their shop’s liability," he said. "At ALLDATA, we are all about continuous improvement, because we want the best system that we can possibly have for our shop members. With 50 brands, 24,000 models and more than 300,000 wire diagrams, we have built something that is unmatched in the industry, and that's why SEMA recognized us with this incredible honor."

Working with the three major estimating systems, ALLDATA's Collision Advantage rapidly analyzes estimates and then displays them on a single screen as a time-saving device. They have also added a new feature that specifies Vital Repairs. On each estimate, “Vital Repairs” describe the OEM-specified inspections and repairs required after a collision, including high voltage system disable/enable. They also feature Manufacturer Positioning Statements that allow one-touch access to the latest vehicle-specific OEM manufacturer positioning statements.

One of the two runner-up spots went to Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions of Glendale, CA, for its Supreme Wrapping™ Film Metallic Series, automotive window films and switchable window films.

North America Marketing Director Jeff Losch has seen this new product line gaining major momentum. 

“Avery Dennison, much like a customer who uses our products, is creative, confident and resilient, and our displays at this year’s SEMA Show were a reflection of these characteristics,” he said. “We are proud to show that we’re innovating within our current product lines while adding exciting technology that has a lot of potential impact.”

The company's new Supreme Wrapping Film colors, which feature special effects, are named Spark, Magnetic Burst, Radioactive and Eclipse. At the SEMA Show, the new colors were used in demonstrations by Justin Pate of The Wrap Institute, Jim Miller of Miller Decals and Joffrey Van der Jagt of Prowrap Professional Carwrapping on a lowrider pickup truck. 

Professional installers also demonstrated the new portfolio of Avery Dennison automotive window films on freestanding windshields and will retrofit switchable film technology on a car door window. The switchable films use cutting-edge Avery Dennison Liquid Crystal Technology to “switch” from transparent to opaque for comfort, privacy and content projection with just a touch of a hand.

The other runner-up award went to the MiG Buddy, manufactured by GeorgeB Design in San Ramon, CA. The MiG Buddy is a welding gun holder for MIG welding guns that acts like a third hand and keeps the welding gun at the ready and off every inappropriate surface (floor, welding machine, work piece, etc.), according to its owner and inventor George Bertolotti

"The MiG Buddy won two awards this year at SEMA 2017," Bertolotti said.   "The first award was for Best New Product: Collision Repair & Refinish, for providing all welders a tool for better welding outcomes. The second award was an International Global Media Award Winner, recognizing a best product from a panel of international SEMA judges. Made from industrial grade materials, the holder provides easy docking and easy retrieval, and fits welding guns from many manufacturers. The included universal mount allows the MiG Buddy to adapt to any work environment.  A magnetic mounting base accessory provides mobility to the MiG Buddy. The MiG Buddy saves time, saves money, and keeps you safe.  Once you use it, you won’t work without it."

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