Wednesday, 17 September 2014 00:00

ASA-AZ’s Phoenix Chapter Board Prepares Next Year’s Schedule

During the weekend of September 12, 2014, the Phoenix Chapter Board of ASA-AZ met in Prescott to discuss and establish plans for the upcoming year. Though the Board has been working over the past year to schedule speakers and training for their membership, a consistent schedule has yet to be established.

“The Board’s goal was to create a calendar of activities that will service the entire Phoenix Metro area,” says Luz Rubio, Executive Director of ASA-AZ.

Jeff Lovell, President and Executive Director of ASA-Northwest, attended the meeting to help facilitate the group’s discussions and guide them toward completing their goal.

"The majority of the board members attended, and were prepared to be creative and commit to draft activities in their assigned area, with topics such as industry marketing, employee retention, insurance, etc. The event went very well," said Rubio. "The board members took the planning very seriously, and the outcome was a list of meeting descriptions, dates and possible locations through August 2015. The calendar showcases meetings in the East Valley, West Valley and Central Phoenix area which will allow members to attend a meeting in their area. We will also be alternating the General Meetings with small roundtable meetings to allow for discussion on industry issues and group resolutions."

ASA-AZ knows that developing a calendar of activities in advance is important because it gives members time to plan their attendance. As with all industry associations, generating interest and engaging members is very important for both the association and the industry.

“The board members agreed that their value in being a member of ASA came when they started attending meetings and becoming more active,” Rubio explains. “The network of business owners that they interact with has added value to their business. We, as an association, need to get the message out to our members; it’s not about the discounts that may go away at some point, it's about the conversations that take place at meetings.”

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