Wednesday, 02 March 2022 11:01

CAWA's Manufacturers Advisory Council Elects 2022 Chair, Vice-Chair  

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At its Feb. 10 meeting, CAWA's Manufacturers Advisory Council (MAC) re-elected Gary Mercer of Continental Automotive Systems as chair and Tony Wallerich of ZF Aftermarket as vice-chair for the 2022 year.

Both have served and contributed to CAWA's leadership for many years.


The MAC was formed to be an advisory body and provide a perspective to CAWA from the manufacturing segment of the auto care industry. Its mission is to provide a manufacturer's perspective, knowledge and insight to assist CAWA in accomplishing its goals in protecting and promoting the industry.


CAWA values the advice and counsel of the MAC and supports its operation as an integral part of CAWA. Its next meeting is June 23 in Redondo Beach, CA. Industry colleagues are encouraged to attend and participate in the meeting.


For further information, contact programs@cawa.org or call 800-332-2292.


Source: CAWA