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CAWA Annual Meeting During AAPEX and SEMA Supports Scholarship Program

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On the evening of Sunday, Nov. 3, the California Automotive Wholesalers Association (CAWA) will host its Annual Meeting at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas during AAPEX and SEMA.

Instead of having a keynote speaker, this year’s event will feature a comedian as a light-hearted start to the intensity of Industry Week. CAWA President and CEO Rodney Pierini said, “Since the week will be full of speeches, meetings and lecturers, we felt that a comedian would be a change of pace and provide laughter and fun to begin the week.”


The highlight of the year for the association, CAWA’s Annual Meeting serves as a fundraiser for the association’s scholarship program. All proceeds from the event benefit the CAWA Memorial Scholarship Fund which promotes quality and high standards in the auto care industry through education. Scholarships are awarded to students pursuing an automotive industry degree or certificate from an accredited college, university or technical institute and to high school instructors of automotive repair programs to ensure their programs are providing the necessary education for modern repairers.


The exclusive sponsor for the event is Motorcar Parts of America. Selwyn Joffe, chairman, president and CEO of Motorcar Parts of America, stated, “We are honored to support our industry through the CAWA scholarship programs. These programs complement MPA’s core values and highlight the importance we place on educating future generations of leaders in the automotive aftermarket industry.”


Dan Hanson, Jr., chair of CAWA’s Board of Directors, added, “We are pleased that Motorcar Parts of America will sponsor this year’s gala. I appreciate their support over the past several years. Their gracious support allows the Association to garner the financial support necessary to continue granting scholarships to future associates in the auto care industry and to support automotive teachers at the high school level.”


For more information about CAWA and its events, visit cawa.org.

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