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Mid-Year Update From CAA Chapter President Tiffany Silva

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Tiffany Silva (center) is always looking to serve the collision repair industry by playing a wide range of leadership roles in the California Autobody Association while running Accurate Auto Body in Richmond, CA. Tiffany Silva (center) is always looking to serve the collision repair industry by playing a wide range of leadership roles in the California Autobody Association while running Accurate Auto Body in Richmond, CA. Accurate Auto Body


Tiffany Silva is a second-generation shop owner whose father Ed Cichon opened Accurate Auto Body in Richmond, CA, 36 years ago.

In 2017, she and her husband/co-owner Dan Silva opened a new 27,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility that fixes 150-200 cars every month. For the past 15 years, Silva has served the California Autobody Association (CAA) by holding every office available within the organization, as well as being the president of the organization’s East Bay Chapter since.


Q: How long have you been a chapter president for CAA and how has the industry changed during that time?


A: I became a board member of the East Bay Chapter in 2012 and became the chapter president in 2013 and the state president in 2019. I’m currently the president at the chapter and state levels. The technology has changed everything drastically within just the last six years.


Q: You've been able to line up some interesting and informational chapter meetings, including with BAR, ALLDATA and CCC. Are there other collision-related companies and/or organizations who want to speak at upcoming meetings of East Bay CAA?


A: I promised our chapter members that when I became president, we would only hold a meeting if the subject would bring some level of value to them. I realize that we’re all busy running our own shops and spending time with our families, in addition to navigating through the ugly commute times we have here in the Bay Area. If I hold a meeting, I want to make sure that the subject is relevant to what’s happening in today’s industry. I want people to come to a meeting or watch it later and get some real value out of it. One of the obstacles is that it’s often a challenge to find speakers who are local or willing to come to speak without paying them for their flight and hotel stay. If there is a company that would like to present to any of our chapters, please contact me at tiffany@accurateautobodyinc.com.  


Q: By embracing technology, CAA has developed several new methods to communicate with its members who can't regularly attend meetings?


A: Yes, chapter meetings long ago were the only way that members could receive new and updated information regarding our industry. Currently, many members find it a challenge to attend meetings; therefore, the CAA has embraced technology by sending out informative emails. Pete Bezeck’s Shop Tips are emailed out and Jack Molodanof’s Legislative Updates are bringing information directly to our members. We also have a website/portal where members can access information.


Q: What would you say to shops thinking about joining CAA?


A: The legislation that Molodanof works on benefits every shop in California. By being a member of the CAA, you are supporting the legislative process relevant to our industry. The CAA is not anti-insurance like many have said over the years. We actually work with the insurance companies on many issues. The MSO’s are coming back to the association because they see the benefit they are receiving and they also see our message of working with insurance companies. Of course, networking is a major benefit in my eyes. I have been able to seek advice and see my business sales grow 100 percent, with the help of other shop owners.


Q: I know recently you have run into issues disposing of plastic bumpers. Can you tell me about the problem and how it’s impacting your business?


A: We are filling up the landfills with plastic from damaged vehicles. I’m astonished that this is not an issue that everyone is concerned about. I’ve heard from two shop owners whose landfills have told them they can no longer put plastic bumper covers in their garbage. I have always had a reconditioned bumper cover company pick up my bumper covers. However, they recently went out of business and the remaining two local companies can’t keep up with all the shops in the area. I’m not sure where all these bumper covers are going to go.

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