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Tuesday, 04 September 2018 21:07

ASA Northwest Spokane Chapter Participates in WACTE Conference

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On August 6, the Spokane Chapter of ASA Northwest participated in the Washington Association Career Technical Education (WACTE) Conference at the Davenport Grand Hotel in Spokane, WA.


Attendees received valuable information about the automotive industry’s involvement on advisory boards during a one-hour presentation delivered by ASE’s Walt Commans and Sarah Patterson from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Education.


Pamela Meyer, ASA Northwest member support specialist, stated, “The WACTE Conference class that I attended was very informative. Every shop owner needed to hear the message. The discussion was primarily focused on how badly the automotive industry is looking for technicians and how important it is to be involved in the educational programs at the high school level (if they exist) and college levels.


“The attendees responded to the event with great concern and new awareness of true need in our industry and how we need to start working together to get to the end result. The industry and educators need to be talking more, and industry needs to get more involved with supporting the advisory boards and programs.”


The presentation’s purpose was to bring awareness to the industry’s need for involvement from industry professionals in terms of advisory boards.


“The discussion showed examples of how effective advisory boards can be if they are properly supported by [the] industry,” Meyer shared. “Advisory boards are very interested in listening to industry input, but it seems as though a lot of our automotive shops either do not know this or care. ASA Northwest is working very hard to bring attention to this matter and have these discussions with our shop members.


“Association-sponsored events are critical to our members and the industry because it's easy to get blinders on and just move on with everyday life in running your business and not seeing the big picture of where we are headed. I keep saying, ‘We are late to the party, but it's not too late’ in getting involved and doing the hard work. We can no longer sit back and let the educators do it alone.

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