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Thursday, 05 July 2018 18:51

ASA Northwest Enjoys Educational Summer Retreat, Management Conference

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Dan Gilley, RLO Training, presented “Life Planning” on Saturday morning. Dan Gilley, RLO Training, presented “Life Planning” on Saturday morning.

ASA Northwest members gathered from June 21--24 at the Red Lion Hanford House in Richland, WA, for the association’s 2018 Semi-Annual Summer Retreat and Management Conference. 

As usual, the event attracted many enthusiastic attendees, including 14 first-time participants. 

Jeff Lovell, president and executive director of ASA Northwest, stated, “We are very fortunate to have a great group of members who are willing to take time away from their businesses to join us at our retreats.”

The event began on Thursday with attendees choosing between enjoying a free day or golfing with peers. The afternoon featured a Board of Directors meeting followed by a Hospitality Suite in the evening. An additional fun opportunity included a “Hogs & Dogs” event with more than 2,000 motorcycles on display at the Bombing Range Sports Complex in nearby West Richland.

On Friday morning, ASA Northwest held its General Business Session, followed by the Mechanical/Collision Roundtable in the afternoon. The same morning, the Ascettes, a group of women who support the association by raising funds for ASA Northwest activities and scholarship initiatives, held their business meeting and enjoyed an afternoon patio party. Friday evening featured the Cool Desert Nights event where class cars cruised in front of the hotel for two hours and concluded with another Hospitality Suite.

Dan Gilley of RLO Training presented “Life Planning” on Saturday morning. This AMI seminar focused on the concept that there is no such thing as an emergency---only poor planning. During Saturday’s luncheon, Todd Black, ASA National general director, provided an update on the group’s news, and the evening concluded with a BBQ event in the hotel courtyard where the Ascettes held a live auction for their scholarship fund. 

According to Lovell, “Our auctioneer, Todd Ainsworth with Swedish Automotive, did a great job!”

During Saturday night’s Hospitality Suite, the Ascettes finished their raffle prize drawings. They are grateful to all of the ASA Northwest members who donated items. The 2018 Semi-Annual Summer Retreat and Management Conference concluded on Sunday morning with a business roundtable. 

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