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At SEMA 2018, Don Shearer, AkzoNobel's North American Technical Manager, discusses AkzoNobel's SEMA booth display, including McLaren's F1 race car and 570S Spider, and vehicles customized by Kindig-It Designs. Shearer also covers AkzoNobel's recent commitment to being an I-CAR sustaining partner, the company's vocational school program and a new, game-changing UV primer.

For more information visit akzonobel.com.

At SEMA 2018, Ryan Ross, AkzoNobel Business Service Manager for the Eastern US, demonstrates Carbeat. Carbeat is a digital production board which was released last year at SEMA. It controls body shop workflow, is fully interactive, touch-screen, tracks live data, sorts very quickly, and feeds robust analytic data to customers.

For more information visit carbeat.com and akzonobel.com.

Simple Push/Pull repairs are easy with Wedgeclamp's Electro Power. CEO Rodica Matei describes the product at SEMA 2018.

For more information visit wedgeclamp.com.


At SEMA 2018, Mike Verbosh of Reliable Automotive Equipment demonstrates the IP-4 Mig Welder. The welder has pulse technology and automatic adjustment. It can weld aluminum, mig braze, and steel.

For more information visit raeservice.com.

In this demonstration video by Evercoat at SEMA 2018, Dave McKinney shows the benefits of using Rage Optex premium filler, and how the product changes color from pink to green when it dries. It won the SEMA award "Best New Collision Repair and Refinish Product" for 2019. 

For more information visit Evercoat.com.


At SEMA 2018, Spanesi Chief Operating Officer (COO) & Managing Director Timothy Morgan introduced the Touch Production planning system including the Touch glasses, which can take photos and video.


For more information visit spanesi.com.

At SEMA 2018, Spanesi CEO Timothy Morgan introduced Spanesi's Advanced Lighting System, which gives true daylight and allows for good photography and video of repairs within the body shop.

For more information visit spanesi.com.

At SEMA 2018, Ken Zahlis of Dynabrade demonstrates the half horsepower, 3 inch disc sander, a new new nitro tool. In the video he also uses a .3 hp model sander with 2 inch disc, a straight die grinder, and more.

For more information visit dynabrade.com.

At SEMA 2018, Bryan Robaina introduces the new explosion proof dust collection system for carbon fiber and aluminum repairs. Also featured is the standard dust collection system, for auto body paint departments.

For more information visit Robaina.direct

Ken Zahlis of Dynabrade demonstrates at SEMA 2018 the extreme sander with the new "Raptor Vac" dust free vaccum sanding system. The system is portable and helps keep work areas clean.

For more information visit dynabrade.com.

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