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Wednesday, 31 December 2008 13:10

Franklin --- Twelve Commandments of Marketing

Written by Tom Franklin

1.    When Business Is So Slow You Have Time On Your Hands, You Must Go Out And Do More Marketing And Selling To Bring In More Business!

2.    Much Marketing Money Is Wasted On The Wrong Target Audience. Define The Right Target Audience To Maximize And Leverage The Impact Of Your Marketing Dollars.

3.    The Amount Of New Business Coming Into Your Shop Is Directly  Proportional To The Amount Of Positive Communication Consistently Going Out About Your Business.

4.    The Spider That Weaves The Biggest Web Catches The Most Flies. The Best Marketing Reaches The Widest Range Of Prospective Customers—As Frequently As Possible.

5.    First Impressions Are Hard To Change. Use Appearance And Image To Create A Positive, Lasting Impression On Prospective New Customers Right From The Start.

6.    Your Phone Image Can Create The First Impression Of Your Business. A Competent Communicator To Answer Calls, Plus A Convincing Sales Message On Hold, Creates A Positive Image And Brings In Business.

7.    Knowledge Sells!  Communicate Your Special Knowledge To Create Customer Confidence In Your Ability To Deliver A Quality Product.

8.    Concern And Integrity Sell! Communicate Your Sincere Desire To Help Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty And Dollars.

9.    A Cramped Or Cluttered Space Suggests Unprofessionalism And Scarcity. Create An Apparency Of Abundant, Orderly Space To Communicate Success And Superior Quality.

10.  Speed Sells! Speed Of Response Reveals The Health Of An Organism Or An Organization. Today You Must Be Fast To Last And Prosper.

11.  Creativity Sells! Color Sells! Repeatedly Communicate A Clever,
Colorful Image And Message To Attract Maximum Attention.

12.  Success Sells!  Keep Growing! Anything That Isn’t Growing Is Dying. The Purpose Of Marketing And Sales Is To Communicate Your Growth And Success And To Keep Your Business Growing!

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