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Techs of Tomorrow: Student Says He’s “Fascinated by Everything” in Auto Body Program

Written by Victoria Antonelli


Justin Maldonado Texas State Technical College web

Justin Maldonado learns something new every day at Texas State Technical College.


Justin Maldonado started taking courses at Texas State Technical College in Harlingen, TX 10 months ago. Before his “love and passion for vehicles” led him to pursue a career in collision repair, he spent his winter holiday and summer breaks painting gym floors across the state.

“This is a job that I had been doing since I was 12, so I’ve never had a normal Christmas or summer break,” Maldonado explained. “Every year I would be gone for months at a time just to be able to buy my own school clothes and help my dad, who had five other kids to provide for.”

Through this job, Maldonado was able to paint some of the most renowned gyms in Texas, including the San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets, Texas A & M, Dallas Mavericks, and University of Texas floors.

“Now that I have a wife and son, it’s so hard to leave them and not miss them while I’m on the road,” he said. “This is why I came back to school; I just want a job that allows me to come home and see them at the end of the day and is good pay, along with many other benefits.”

Maldonado’s father, who also attended Texas State Technical College, supported his decision to pursue trade school. Other members of his family were not as on board.

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