Tuesday, 23 February 2021 19:23

The Numbers Game: Are You Winning?

Written by Toby Chess


...integration with CCC ONE Management systems, partial quantities capabilities for corrosion protection items, it’s user-friendly, integrated with scan tools and is no cost to the end user.


Let’s look at the Kent program. An invoice was created in a couple of minutes. Every item on the invoice is backed up by Toyota’s CRIBs and Repair Procedures.

The Kent program has a couple excellent features. First, you can input partial quantities. Looking at the invoice, you see 25% of a can of undercoating.


Second and more important, the program has a built-in quarter panel repair kit. You select the items appropriate for a particular repair, click on the ones not needed and within a minute or two, you have an invoice that can be printed, attached to the estimate in a PDF form and/or sent to CCC
I added six bumper clips (Toyota part no. 76853-10010) to the estimate. Remember, CRIB 188 states all plastic clips are one-time use. An additional $5.88 was added to the estimate.

Next, I went back to search assortments and clicked on bumper repair.


Before I go back to the original estimate, I want to show you how this invoice can be used for a number of repair operations.


First, it is a legal document for the estimate. In California, you need to list every item you are putting on a vehicle. The term “corrosion protection” is not a product, but an operation that could be one item or as many as 11.


I know insurance companies put that term on their estimate, but their estimate is not a legal document. Your legal document is a signed repair order, and it must reflect the repair process you performed on that particular vehicle.


When you put on your estimate “replace corrosion protection,” you are responsible by law for any corrosion problems that could arise, even if the vehicle changes ownership.


If you don’t believe me, look at the Eagle collision case. Please, remove the term “replace corrosion protection” from your estimate and add each item as a line item.


If you have the CCC One Management system and Kent PROS, three clicks on the PROS Invoice and each item will be...

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