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The Numbers Game: Are You Winning?

Written by Toby Chess


...the factory inside coating color and shade (inner reinforcement part of the quarter panel is an example of this operation. A mist coat of catalyzed basecoat should be applied to match the factory appearance using the removed part as guide.”


Going back to my Camry example---let’s charge just two hours for painting the backside of the quarter panel and see how much this would add to our incomplete estimate.


Two hours at $50 for labor equals $100; two hours at $30 for paint materials equals $60; half an hour for color match at $50 for labor equals $25; and half an hour for masking at $50 labor equals $25, plus $5 for cover of primer (material), coming to a grand total of $215.


The backside of the rear body panel also needs to be addressed. There is probably removal and weld damage, but even if there is none, the panel will need to be refinished on the front as well as the backside.

CCC states in its guide under the topic of Weld Zone/Adjacent Panel, “suggested refinish operation times do not include addition time for repair of damage to adjacent panels resulting from normal cutting, welding and grinding procedures.”


Again, I asked who had on their estimate to refinish the backside of the panel and you probably guessed it---no one had thought of it. The book time was 1.7 hours.


1.2 hours at $50 for labor equals $60; 1.2 hours at $30 for paint materials equals $36; minus .2 for overlap (combining labor and materials), $16, equals a total time and material charge of $80.


Just those two operations will give you a net of $295.

Let’s look at Toyota’s Collision Repair Bulletins for this repair. There are a total of 13 different CRIBs for this estimate. I am not going to list each one, but I will highlight a few.


CRIBs 63, 127 and 186 deal with epoxy primer. (Fig 3)


Fig 3

Fig 3

Toyota, as well as Honda, wants a coating of epoxy primer on all bare metal.


If you are repairing a fender, you will add...

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