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Tuesday, 11 January 2022 09:38

Collision Repair Industry Thought Leaders Share Innovative Ideas During IDEAS Collide Showcase: Part 2

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Sandy Blalock, executive director of the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA). Sandy Blalock, executive director of the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA).


...a variety of methodologies to develop labor values. Gredinberg said this can often result in information that does not reflect real-world labor requirements of a repair operation. As a result, it can hinder the ability of an estimator to produce accurate repair estimates or blueprints that match the repair process.


The DEG is designed to offer estimating system users a more standardized and streamlined process for generating Database Inquiries (DI). 


Danny Gredinberg.png web

Danny Gredinberg, administrator for the Database Enhancement Gateway (DEG).


“It can help anyone to improve an estimate whether it’s a repairer, technician or even a bill payer,” said Gredinberg. “If they find an error in omission or accuracy in any of three estimating systems, we can help address those concerns and get accuracy.”


As the DEG administer, Gredinberg receives a lot of inquiries. One of the biggest challenges he sees is when a repairer writes an estimate in one database program and receives an insurance company estimate from another database program and nothing matches.


“The reality is that we’re never going to get an exact result from three different database products,” said Gredinberg. “They all talk differently and have different logic and P-pages. They will never line up to each other.”


He said it’s the estimator’s job to understand the system they are using in order to explain and justify the estimate to the vehicle owner.


Gredinberg encourages repairers to talk to vehicle owners on the front end, use the estimating system the way it is intended, and capture all of the included and non-included items.


“At the end of the day, the goal is for the consumer to get their vehicle fixed with the least amount of friction possible,” he said.


Gredinberg strongly encourages the industry to share any database by submitting a database inquiry here.


Pete Tagliapietra, product director at NuGen IT, an OEC Company, talked about leading-edge technologies, such as machine learning, computer vision, robotics automation and artificial intelligence (AI).


“What’s unfortunate to me is how these technologies seem to be left behind as far as collision repairers are concerned,” said Tagliapietra.


He challenged collision repairers to...