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Thursday, 04 February 2021 19:36

Jeff Peevy Shares Growth Plans Related to I-CAR Tech Center

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The I-CAR Tech Center has extensive video and lighting equipment to produce the various training and information products for the industry. The I-CAR Tech Center has extensive video and lighting equipment to produce the various training and information products for the industry.


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In 1979, the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR) was established as a result of the introduction of the front-wheel-drive unibody vehicle, according to Jeff Peevy, vice president of technical products, programs and services for I-CAR.

“The industry came to the realization that it didn’t know how to safely repair that type of vehicle,” said Peevy, who has been involved with the organization for the past three decades. “I-CAR came into existence to fulfill that need to teach the industry to help understand the correct way to repair the car.”


From there, I-CAR began offering welding training and certification to meet the needs of the industry. As new automotive features were introduced over the years, such as seatbelts, airbags and anti-lock brakes, Peevy said I-CAR has been a driving force in providing the industry with the knowledge and skills necessary to repair vehicles correctly.


Today is no different. With an increase in the number of electric and high-voltage vehicles on the road as well as the development of ADAS features that need to be calibrated so the car can function as designed, I-CAR has new challenges to take on.


“We need to make sure we are able to support the collision repairers out there with accessible, on-demand and relevant education,” said Peevy. “We have to do this work as early as we possibly can to keep the industry on top of it.”


I had the opportunity to talk to Peevy about his new role at I-CAR and its initiatives related to technical training and the growth of I-CAR’s technical capabilities and capacities.


Can you tell us about your new role?


I’ve been involved with I-CAR as a volunteer or instructor since 1990 and part of its staff for 17 years. I joined the organization as a regional manager in 1998, and have also worked as a national field manager, director and, ultimately, held a senior director position.


I temporarily left I-CAR in 2015 to help the Automotive Management Institute (AMi) rebuild its accreditation program and stayed there for five years.


Throughout my career, I always felt the role of technical training was very important to ensure a complete, safe and quality repair. Frankly, I missed working in this area, and rejoined I-CAR in July 2020.


My current role was developed to...

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