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Friday, 20 November 2020 22:25

American Honda Motor Launches New Certification Program

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...this was a good time to implement a fee adjustment and remain competitive in the collision space.


Another change will be the standardization of the option for renewing shops to select a guided virtual audit or an on-site audit. During 2020, guided virtual audits were offered as a temporary measure to aid with COVID-19 state and regional restrictions and will now become a standard option. Training for both programs will also increase in 2021 based on vehicle need.


What types of facilities can become part of the certified network?


Our certified network will continue to be comprised of independent shops, MSOs and shops aligned with a dealer group. We will continue to exercise a high degree of selectivity in inviting new shops to apply and invite certified shops to attempt certification once more.


Shops invited to apply will be determined by each collision market manager for the region in which shops are located. American Honda Motor is very proud of managing our certified network and will continue to do so.
Is there anything additional you would like the collision industry to know about the program?


The ultimate goal is to connect Honda and Acura vehicle customers with certified shops. These shops have agreed to do the right thing in conducting safe and proper repairs per the provided Honda/Acura repair procedures.


With the increased visibility, this goal becomes even more important. As the program progresses, we will continue to evaluate each shop to determine if it is following the requirements and whether it should be invited to apply for renewal.


I urge all shops, prospective and currently certified, to make sure you understand the requirements and evaluate whether...

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