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Wednesday, 07 October 2020 19:39

Techs of the Future: The Importance of Having a Broad Understanding of Vehicle Technology

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Throughout his career, McCormick has created a variety of instructional courses that help advance knowledge and understanding in the future of transportation.


In 2015, he was asked to develop a two-hour class for technicians coming out of trade schools and two-year community colleges. The goal was to teach them about the changes taking place in automobiles today.


In his current role as president of CVTA, McCormick launched the Connected Vehicle Professional (CVP) credentialing program, in collaboration with The NEXT Education, in 2015. The comprehensive education and certification curriculum helps professionals build a specific skill set in the ITS community.


The goal is to ensure individuals have the foundational understanding necessary to perform tasks involving connected vehicles and intelligent transportation. This includes in-vehicle safety, infrastructure, communication protocols and security.


A series of three courses---focusing on Vehicle-to-Vehicle, Vehicle-to-Infrastructure and Vehicle-to-X connectivity---were designed for vehicle technicians, insurance professionals and others looking to enhance their knowledge in this growing sector.


The blended learning approach combines online education through the NEXT Education’s platform as well as two half-day instructor-led online classroom sessions. Those who complete courses earn the Connected Vehicle Trade Association Certificate of Competency.


McCormick has also worked closely with Elaina Farnsworth, CEO of The NEXT Education, to create courses for technicians and installers to teach them about the equipment that will be included in the cars of the future. Both McCormick and Farnsworth participated in the recent TU-Automotive Detroit 2020 conference, which focused on future automotive trends, including autonomous vehicles, electrification and digital services.

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