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Wednesday, 07 October 2020 19:39

Techs of the Future: The Importance of Having a Broad Understanding of Vehicle Technology

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It’s not uncommon to have up to 43 networks in a car. These include high priority systems, such as steering, braking and airbag deployment, as well as lower priority ones such as adjusting the seat and radio control.


“I think we’re seeing an evolution in the relative importance of the technicians who are working on a car that we really haven’t had before,” he said. “They are ones who are the agents of change, the ones who understand what is going on in a vehicle so they can lead their teams.”


McCormick is an accomplished executive in the automotive and aerospace fields, focused in advanced manufacturing, operations, strategy and restructuring. For the past 20 years, he has been a globally recognized expert on vehicle communications.


He has degrees in mathematics, mechanical and aerospace engineering; a master’s degree in business administration; and doctoral research in Artificial Intelligence.


After spending the first 25 years of his career working as a program manager at General Electric, modernizing aircraft and transportation, McCormick was the executive director of the Automotive Multimedia Interface Collaboration, a nonprofit research organization of the world’s largest automakers.

He established the Connected Vehicle Trade Association in 2005. The nonprofit organization facilitates the interaction and advances the interests of the entities involved in the vehicle communication environment. Currently, there are 24 industry segments involved, representing seven countries.


In addition to being named the commissioner for the East Lansing, MI, Transportation Commission, for the last eight years McCormick has been appointed by Congress to advise the Secretary of Transportation on matters relating to the study, development and implementation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS.)

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