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Stacey Phillips

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Tuesday, 07 April 2020 20:47

CCG Shares Body Shop Advice & “Best Practices” During Coronavirus Restrictions

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Car Crafters in New Mexico is serving lunch to their team in all six of their shops, which helps support the local community. Car Crafters in New Mexico is serving lunch to their team in all six of their shops, which helps support the local community.


When the news first broke about the pandemic, the leadership team at Certified Collision Group (CCG) recognized the importance of finding ways to support their network of 446 independent body shops.

“We quickly realized that the more information we can share, the better off we’re all going to be,” said Marty Evans, COO of CCG. “This is true for our affiliate shops as well as the industry as a whole.”


CCG was founded in 2014 by four individuals passionate about the collision repair industry: Marc Sebastian, CEO of four Blake’s Auto Body shops in Northern California; Bill Lawrence, owner of 12 1st Certified Collision facilities in Southern California; Luis Alonso, president of seven Pan American Collision Centers in the San Jose, CA, area; and Tom Adams, owner of TAG Marketing.


“CCG was founded on a simple premise established by our founders, to level the playing field for the independent collision repair operator,” said Jeff Ingalls, VP of marketing at CCG. “We do so by partnering with only the best independent repairers, vendors, insurers and OEs. This alignment and partnership drive value for all while delivering the ultimate goal of providing the highest quality OE Certified repair on behalf of the customer.”


Since the onset of the coronavirus restrictions, Evans said they learned early to provide their shops with as much information as possible. As a result, CCG has regularly sent out online newsletters to all of its affiliates with facts and advice about the coronavirus as well as tips to help body shops run safely and effectively.


“Our goal is to communicate with them in an authentic, genuine way so they know we are here for them,” said Ingalls. “We have been providing tangible, pragmatic information in a way that isn’t inundating and flooding their inboxes.”


This includes links to many resources, such as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); local, state and county health department websites; and the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. CCG has created a summary document with CARES Act Highlights.


To assist affiliate shops considering applying for a loan, CCG is sharing information about The new service was started by Brad Mewes, owner of Supplement Advisory, to help shops understand the opportunities available and file the required paperwork.


Ingalls said these suggestions and tools are aimed to help their affiliates through these trying and demanding times.


“The health and well-being of the shops is something that CCG takes very seriously,” he said.


In addition to forwarding communication via email, CCG has also continued the practice of communicating with shops via phone. Rather than the usual weekly call, Evans said they are talking daily to connect.

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