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Goliath Carts are Part of the Team at Painters Collision Centers

Written by Autobody News Staff
The crew at Painters Collision Centers calls upon Goliath Carts for almost every task they perform at these busy shops. The crew at Painters Collision Centers calls upon Goliath Carts for almost every task they perform at these busy shops.


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Jim and Kelly Huard, owners of Painters Collision Centers with two locations in Arizona, make a formidable duo as they relentlessly strive to achieve their goal of establishing 10 locations within the next two years.

Painters Collision Centers
Location: Queen Creek, AZ
(480) 725-6036


Company at a Glance…
Type: Collision Repair
Facility Employees: 27
In Business Since: 2021
Number of Locations: Two
Combined Production Space: 22,000 square feet


Jim said he wouldn’t be as successful as he is without his wife running almost every aspect of the front side of the business, as CFO and human resources manager. It’s a relationship that has worked tremendously well over the years, and a big reason why Painters Collision will soon be Arizona’s newest significant mini-MSO.


The Huard family knows their ongoing success is closely related to how they fix cars. Lean processes performed by top collision repair professionals while using the finest tools, products and equipment are the biggest pieces of the puzzle.


Every day, the Huards' crews rely on their Goliath Carts to keep themselves organized and on top of their game. The shops use Goliath’s Bumper Stands, Painters Toolboxes, Mobile Detailer Workstations and Secure Series cabinets, and are in the process of acquiring several ADAS Calibration and Scanning Carts.


Jim, 54, is well-known as a collision repairer, MSO operator and partner who grew up in the industry working at his father’s shop as a teenager. His employees like him because he’s fair and honest, and his insurance partners respect him for his high standards, accountability and integrity.


Painters Collision Centers represents a new era for the Huards in Queen Creek, AZ, a burgeoning area a 15-minute drive from Phoenix.


“I believe in loyalty and instill that in all of my teams,” Jim said.


A proven formula for expansion Jim has used with great success includes acquiring existing shops that need an infusion of energy.


“Our model is working, so the goal is to duplicate what we’re doing,” he said. “This includes everything---from our signage out front, as well as using all of same tools, equipment and lean processes.”


The design concept behind Goliath’s Secure Series is...

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