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Say Goodbye to Dust Forever with Pro Spot’s Dust-Free Sanding System

Written by Autobody News Staff
Technician Paulino Conde uses Pro Spot’s Dust-Free Sanding System every day at Fix Auto Santee. Technician Paulino Conde uses Pro Spot’s Dust-Free Sanding System every day at Fix Auto Santee.


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Alex Doria, co-owner of Fix Auto Santee, is a veteran of the collision repair industry with a core skillset that include networking with insurance companies, business development and marketing.

Fix Auto Santee
Location: Santee, CA
(619) 312-1990


Company at a Glance...

Type: Collision Repair
Facility Employees: 38
In Business Since: 1971
Number of Locations: 160


He credits much of his success to Greg Carter, who owned the very first Fix Auto shop in San Diego, CA, and eventually opened five locations in the San Diego area.


“Greg taught me everything I know,” he said. “I learned how to connect with the insurers and eventually I started my own company, AD Auto Service. I discovered quickly that I have a knack for being a liaison between the insurance companies and body shops. Working with adjusters and local brokers became my bread and butter for seven years and my main job was filtering referrals and coordinating repairs for other shops.”


ProSpot 2

Owner Alex Doria at Fix Auto Santee loves his Pro Spot Dust-Free Sanding System because it safely and quickly extracts dust from sanding and collects it into a disposable bag before it has a chance to become airborne.


When he had an opportunity to become a shop owner under the banner of Fix Auto, Doria didn’t hesitate for a second. He knew the company would enable him to make money and perform OE repairs at a high level, so he jumped in and Fix Auto Santee became his life.


Doria loves the advantages associated with being a Fix Auto shop and taps into them every day, he said.


“They have approximately 160 shops in their network, but every store gets individual attention,” he said. “If I ever have any questions about accounting, human resources, OE certifications, supply chain issues---some of the finest people in this industry are in the Fix Auto community. Having full access to them is a real advantage. I have some great DRPs that make up more than 85% of my business and without the power of Fix Auto, I wouldn’t have them today.”


Doria always swings for the fences and his longstanding relationship with Pro Spot has been an unprecedented success, he said.


“Our distributor is Joe Carrier from Automotive Equipment Solutions (AES), and he’s excellent,” he said. “Their support is outstanding.


"Pro Spot works closely with every carmaker, so they know the specific tools we need for each nameplate," Doria said. "When we told them we wanted to pursue a Tesla certification, they knew exactly what we needed with equipment, tools, products, training and processes. They provided us with a ton of value-added services and their knowledge and experience was invaluable.”


One piece of equipment Doria’s crew uses daily is their Pro Spot Dust-Free Sanding System. Doria knows much of the equipment he uses and the processes he employs can create hazardous air pollutants, dust particles and other chemicals. Once they go airborne, they can easily...

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