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Coach Works Uses Spanesi Equipment to Ensure a Safe and Proper Repair for Customers

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Pictured, left to right, are Marina, Matt and Nicole Radman at Coach Works Auto Body in Mesa, AZ. Pictured, left to right, are Marina, Matt and Nicole Radman at Coach Works Auto Body in Mesa, AZ.


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Matt Radman’s early memories of his mother Marina’s body shop in Mesa, AZ, include taking apart an electric motor and a motorcycle engine as a child. Marina opened Coach Works Auto Body in 1986.

Coach Works
Location: Mesa, AZ
(480) 890-2500

Facebook: @coachworksaz 


Company At A Glance...
Type: Collision Repair
Facility Employees: Seven
In Business Since: 1986
Number of Locations: One
Production Space: 12,000 square feet


“Instead of daycare, my siblings and I were at the shop,” Radman recalled. “Marina is not only a fantastic industry leader but one of few women body shop owners taking the reins and passing them on.”


Since they were teens, Radman and his sister, Nicole, the office manager, have worked at the facility. As shop manager, Radman wears multiple hats.


“I have done everything from sweeping floors to the removal and replacement of a full rear quarter frame rail, to being a post-repair inspection expert to battling insurance companies,” he said.


Spanesi 2

Jeff Goodman, left, entry-level technician, with Bret Runyon, right, sales and training specialist at Spanesi Americas, Inc.


The family business prides itself on offering personalized customer service.


“We’re like a custom-tailored suit,” described Radman. “We address customers on an individual basis and meet the needs that suit them.”


Radman said the team guarantees everything will be done so correctly on a customer’s vehicle that he would put his mother, sister, wife or daughter in that vehicle.


Six years ago, Radman researched structural measuring equipment and realized its critical role in evaluating and diagnosing damage. With vehicle technology, he said it’s essential to scan a car and structurally measure it with OEM-approved equipment. However, he found the cost of some equipment steep to afford.


While attending SEMA, he learned about the Spanesi Touch electronic measuring system and met Tim Morgan, Spanesi Americas’ COO.


“When customers are worried about investing in equipment due to cost, you need to show the business case of the typical ROI (return on investment) and ROTI (return on time investment) as how many hours you can add or recover by utilizing equipment,” said Morgan.


The shop demoed the Touch, which assesses frame and structural items, mechanical parts, wheel and tire alignment and suspension parts. In addition, it offers post-repair documents to return the vehicle to OEM specifications. Radman said it is extremely user-friendly.


“My daughter, Georgia, who was 5 at the time, used it to structurally measure the front end of a 2019 Ford F-250 Platinum after a few minutes of learning what to do,” said Radman. “She used a line at the end of a video I took of her, saying, ‘It’s so easy, it’s Spanesi.”


Radman said the Touch is an exceptional and respected measuring system and has since used additional Spanesi equipment.


These include...

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