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Louisiana Auto Body Shop Owner Makes 30-Year Career Out of Teenage Car-Painting Hobby with Latest From asTech

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Franks’s Accurate Body Shop has helped folks around Slidel, LA, take the “dents out of accidents” since 1990, by keeping up with the latest industry tech, like asTech scanning and calibration equipment. Franks’s Accurate Body Shop has helped folks around Slidel, LA, take the “dents out of accidents” since 1990, by keeping up with the latest industry tech, like asTech scanning and calibration equipment.


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For some three decades---ever since his car-painting hobby grew into a prosperous business---Frank Rinaudo, 56, has worked to keep pace with improving industry technology. That’s why Frank’s Accurate Body Shop of Slidel, LA, now uses asTech scanning and calibration equipment.

Frank’s Accurate Body Shop
Location: Slidell, LA
(985) 641-1454

Facebook: @FranksAccurateBodyShop
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Company at a Glance…
Type: Collision Repair and Paint
In Business Since: 1990
Facility Employees: 15
Number of Locations: One
Production Space: 12,000 square feet



Rinaudo said he’s been relying on asTech, a Repairify company, for six or seven years, but he founded the firm in 1990.


“My father painted vehicles as a hobby, and when I was 15, we bought an old Mustang as my first car, and he helped me paint it in our garage,” he said. “And before I knew it, I was painting friends’ and neighbors’ cars, and it grew from there.”


Rinaudo said he took work in other auto body and paint shops until he was about 23, when he stepped out on his own.


asTech Oct 2021 SPS IMG 9524

Frank’s Accurate Body Shop has been using asTech scanning and calibration equipment for several years, taking the top notch service they provide their clients up a notch or two.


“I didn’t know what they hell I was doing, but I jumped in,” he said. “We’re still here, so I must have done something right.”


Frank’s Accurate Body Shop is a family affair, with Sandy, Frank’s wife of 35 years, doing the accounting and his daughter-in-law also working there, he said. Of his two sons, both in their 20s, one is following in his father’s professional footsteps, while the other is “still figuring out what he’s going to do,” he said.


Specializing in taking “the ‘dents’ out of accidents,” Frank’s Accurate Body Shop is south Louisiana’s leading auto body repair shop, according to its website, “providing St. Tammany Parish with customer focused auto body repair since 1990.”


The firm is certified in more than 10 vehicle manufacturers, including Tesla, Nissan, Subaru, Infiniti, FCA vehicles, General Motors and Ford, is customer focused and uses only highly trained professionals, the site says.


“Your best interests are always at the top of our mind and we never cut corners,” it says. “We invest heavily in our staff and equipment so all aspects of auto body repair are performed in-house. Our staff will guide you through the entire auto body repair process… from start to finish.”


Client safety is a top priority, the site says.


“With the increasing complexity in design and engineering of luxury vehicles, our technicians make it a priority to not simply restore the aesthetic appeal of your automobile but also, bring your vehicle back to its five-star safety rating,” it says.


Rinaudo said the best part of doing what he does is seeing vehicles that come to him with serious issues leave looking great.


“I like seeing the skills it takes to take a car that looks pretty smashed up and making it look new again,” he said.


One way Rinaudo said Frank’s Accurate Body Shop ensures its clients get the best possible outcome is...

...the company’s commitment to keeping up with the latest innovations, like asTech’s remote scanning technology.


“asTech has a vice which connects to the car, where you can do scanning remotely,” he said. “It’s fairly new in the automobile industry. It allows us to perform the scans in-house without having to bring the car to a dealer.”


Modern vehicles present complex electronic systems that require extreme precision to function safely, the asTech website says. “Our ASE certified and dealer-trained technicians use our patented technology to ensure electronic vehicle systems are back to OEM standards post-collision repair.”


asTech Oct 2021 SPS IMG 9544

The staff at Frank’s Accurate Body Shop say they’re pleased with the upgrade to asTech scanning and calibration equipment.


They do this by drawing on “real world experience along with asTech training to pinpoint the exact cause of issues within a vehicle to recommend solutions and repairs that work,” the site says.


With a corporate vision to “be recognized as the automotive industry’s leading service provider for vehicle electronic systems,” asTech describes the company’s purpose as providing support to industry leaders by ensuring proper repair of automotive electronic systems.”


Its mission, it says, is to “provide superior quality automotive diagnostic and vehicle electronic services to professional repair organizations while delivering a service our employees are proud of and our customers value.”


Incorporating the new tech didn’t require much in the way of training to make the process at Frank’s Accurate Body Shop even more accurate than it had been, Rinaudo said.


“There’s not much involved but connecting the devise to the vehicle, and they remotely perform the scan,” he said. “It allows us in the pre-scan phase, before disassembly, to see if there are any diagnostic trouble codes, and then after it’s reassembled, to double-check again.”


Rinaudo said he knew when he first laid eyes on it the AsTech system was a good fit for Frank’s Accurate Body Shop.


“I saw a demo at another shop, and thought this would work for us,” he said.


And he was right.


“The electronics and tech in vehicles is steadily increasing,” he said. “This makes it possible to make sure the proper repairs are performed, saving time and increasing accuracy without having to send the vehicle out to a third party. We try to perform as much stuff in-house---where we can control quality and procedures---as possible. This helps with that, as part of our long-term strategy for keeping up with the times.”


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asTech, a Repairify company
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