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‘If We Need Another Paint Booth, I Won’t Hesitate to Get Another Blowtherm’

Written by Autobody News Staff
Father Jeff Embry and his two sons, Josh, left, and Dustin, right, get awesome customer reviews thanks to their Blowtherm paint booth. Father Jeff Embry and his two sons, Josh, left, and Dustin, right, get awesome customer reviews thanks to their Blowtherm paint booth.


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Samuels Collision Repair is a neighborhood family owned and run body shop in Louisville, KY. Jeff Embry runs the family business with his team of eight including son, Dustin, as his head painter and son, Josh, in the front office.

Samuels Collision Repair
Location: Louisville, KY
Phone: (502) 368-7212


Facebook: @Samuelscollisionrepair

Company at a Glance
Type: Collision Repair
Facility Employees: Eight
Locations: One
In Business Since: 1975
Production Space: 13,000 square feet


The Embry family relies on their Blowtherm USA paint booth to produce “spectacular” paint jobs on every vehicle that comes into the shop.


Embry admits he did thorough due diligence research before going with Blowtherm. “It was a big decision because getting a new paint booth includes a major investment, so I did not want to get one and then regret it a year later.”


Jeff explains his main concern was a booth that could produce higher quality finishes, faster drying time for increased production and cleaner air quality for the environment.


Blowtherm Samuels Oct 2021 SPS 3

Dustin never has to worry about his Blowtherm USA booth, which enables him to focus on painting 80-90 cars every month.


“I met with five different companies and to be honest, I did lose a little sleep over it. I started leaning toward Blowtherm USA when their local distributor, Ron Baylor Tri-State Spray Booths, met with me and within a few days he showed me everything I needed to do, the height of my ducts; the exact location of the booth, and that sold me. I figured, if this is the type of customer service I’m going to get---I’m in!


"In the end, it was really a no-brainer, but Ron sealed the deal,” realizing Blowtherm USA was his best option.


Although the booth was scheduled for shipment and installation during the height of the pandemic, Blowtherm USA still delivered as promised.


Embry wanted to make sure he was giving his shop a high-quality booth.


“When we got the Blowtherm booth, I told Dustin that ‘I am giving you the best booth in the world, so there should be no excuses,’” said with a chuckle. “Dustin is my painter and he does spot painting and full paint jobs in our Blowtherm USA booth. We paint an average of 80-90 vehicles every month, so Dustin is busy, but because the Blowtherm is such an excellent booth, we are consistently...

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