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Country Parkway Repairs Uses the Autel ADAS Calibration System to Expand Service

Written by Autobody News Staff
Autel MaxiSYS ADAS Calibration software in use for completing LDW calibration procedure. Autel MaxiSYS ADAS Calibration software in use for completing LDW calibration procedure.


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Chris Cole started Country Parkway Repairs as a specialty auto body shop, focusing on the advanced diagnostics and difficult repairs average shops need help with.

Country Parkway Repairs
Location: Westbury, NY
(516) 338-2886


Company at a Glance...
Type: Automotive Diagnostics
Facility Employees: Seven
Number of Locations: One
Production Space: 4,000 square feet


Over years of growth servicing both the public and local Westbury, NY, shops, Cole learned the introduction of new service options---like ADAS calibration---is the key greater success.


If you like success stories, you’ll love this one. Cole made the decision in early 2019 to get started when the public was just learning what ADAS was. He knew the whole repair industry was headed that way. His team was well equipped to handle this new technical level of service, and if he was the first to offer the service reliably in the community, he could grow his customer base.


Cole could essentially corner the local market with only a single ADAS calibration frame, if he could promote the service to more shops that would rely heavily on his expertise.


Country Parkway Repairs now touts itself as a “dealership alternative” because of the affordable and faster turnaround time Cole’s team provides. Aggressively promoting his company to local collision shops and dealership service managers, Cole succeeded in capturing the new business, but retaining trust came when his team proved their value.


Autel CountryParkway June 2021 SPS 2

Driver assist systems rely on mechanical parts to react to the collision warning, which need repair or service to operate properly.


He decided the Autel MaxiSYS ADAS Calibration frame would become the heart of his plan to expand, because of his experience with Autel's scan tools and understanding the competitor comparison. He knew the support to calibrate more than camera-based driver assist systems was what made the Autel unique, and would inspire his customers to continue sending all their calibrations to him.


Little did he realize, that new trust would also increase his diagnostic and repair work too.


Every day, Country Parkway Repairs performs advanced analysis diagnostics to confirm it is providing its customers and vehicle owners with repairs completed correctly the first time. The same is needed from its ADAS equipment, to ensure its calibrations are accurate and to provide documented proof to customers for insurance submission.


Country Parkway Repairs specializes in the difficult vehicle system repairs like pulling dashboards, programming modules, component coding and replacing headlights and airbags, as well as modern mechanical work, including HVAC service (1234YF on-site.)


The introduction of ADAS calibration service is now securing work like camera, night vision, lidar and radar sensor installation, as Cole's team is able to...

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