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Body Shop Owner Thinks Big, Wins Big with Blowtherm USA

Written by Autobody News Staff
Owner Jeff Atkins at ROEM Certified Collision Centers relies on two Blowtherm paint booths at both of his Southern California locations. Owner Jeff Atkins at ROEM Certified Collision Centers relies on two Blowtherm paint booths at both of his Southern California locations.


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Whether you’re certified to work on standard vehicles, exceptionally tall vehicles or higher-end luxury vehicles, that means you have the right tools, equipment, training and experience to do the job correctly every time.

ROEM Certified Collision Centers
Location: Santa Monica and Costa Mesa, CA
(949) 566-3004


Company at a Glance...

Type: Collision Repair
Facility Employees: 70
Locations: Two
In Business Since: 2012
Combined Production Space: 20,000 square feet


In this case, a shop owner with an eye on expansion credits a good portion of his success to his Blowtherm spray booths and the customer service and product support that he receives from his Blowtherm USA distributor, Eurotech CA.

Jeff Atkins, owner of ROEM Certified Collision Centers, was already enamored with Blowtherm USA after he purchased a spray booth for his initial location in Santa Monica, because it enabled him to eliminate one position in his paint department while saving tons of money on unneeded labor.

“We are able to increase production times and save big on labor costs as we no longer need a full-time finisher to handle paint corrections, as well as buffing and polishing every vehicle,” he said. “By just eliminating that step, we are saving $3,000 per month because we no longer need a finisher and we’re cutting approximately two full hours per car every day. That becomes significant when you consider the fact that we paint at least 100 vehicles every month.”

A seamless installation with the help of Eurotech ensured Atkins could be up and running quickly.



By using Blowtherm paint booths, Atkins was able to avoid paint corrections, as well as buffing and polishing every vehicle.

“All in all, everything went smoothly and the new shop is complete with the Blowtherm booth as the finishing touch,” he said. “Our new location already had high ceilings and a really nice layout. It was a really easy decision to put in a sprinter drive-through booth. Having the ability to repair and paint sprinter vans in Newport Beach really gave us the opportunity to capture business other competitors could not. Thanks to Eurotech and Blowtherm USA, we are now open at our new facility.”

With discerning customers, many who drive some of the most expensive cars on the planet, Atkins has to make quality paramount in order to succeed in a competitive market.

“The Blowtherm is amazing at how it keeps all of the dirt out of the air,” he said. “We never have to worry about that aspect of the process because we have seen these booths come through for us time and time again. Working cleaner means working faster and we get zero repaints, which saves us a ton. Plus, shorter flash-off times between coats is also a huge plus for us and our paint crew.”

Atkins continued, “Essentially putting in the right equipment saves money and increases production and that translates into profits. We have bought Blowtherm in the past and we saw the immediate effects on paint quality and production improvements.”

A great product backed by a hands-on, detail-oriented California distributor such as Eurotech is a win-win proposition for Atkins and his pair of Blowtherm booths.

“(Eurotech’s) Rob Summers comes here all the time and supports us in any way he can,” Atkins said. “We never have to worry about filters or...

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