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Maaco Auto Body Shop Owner Loves CCC ONE’s New Diagnostics System

Written by Autobody News Staff
A Maaco store in Littleton, CO, recently began using CCC Diagnostics and the Opus IVS ScanSafe™ device with great success. A Maaco store in Littleton, CO, recently began using CCC Diagnostics and the Opus IVS ScanSafe™ device with great success.


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The Maaco in Littleton, CO, is one of the leading Maaco locations in North America, a top performer for years.

Location: Littleton, CO
(720) 689-0645


Company at a Glance...
Type: Collision Repair and Custom Paint
Facility Employees: 42
In Business Since: 1986
Number of Locations: One
Production Space: 16,000 square feet


To get there and stay there, owner Brian Greenley always looks for better ways to fix cars for his customers, and that’s why he recently began using CCC Diagnostics and the Opus IVS ScanSafe™ device.


An industry-leading diagnostic scanning solution, ScanSafe is integrated into Greenley’s CCC ONE® software and provides his team with an easy-to-use tool that includes all major domestic, Asian and European vehicle brands.


Celebrating 30 years as a Maaco franchisee this year, Greenley began working for the company at age 19 when he found a mentor, a mission and a motive.


“The owner of the store at that time was a wonderful man named Ron Vogel who owned seven stores,” he said. “We met through a good friend of mine, who managed one of Ron’s shops. I determined that going to college wasn’t really for me, but I never imagined that I would eventually own a Maaco store for three decades now.”


Maaco CCC June 2021 SPS 2 3

Brian Greenley and his wife, Barb, left and center, own a leading Maaco location in North America. Production Facilitator Mark Reinig, right, is saving time and money by using CCC Diagnostics and the Opus IVS ScanSafe™ device.


It all began when Greenley brought in his 1984 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 for a spot job and was persuaded to paint the entire car. That’s when he realized Maaco’s brand was about much more than he had thought.


“I was fascinated with the sales side of the business initially. My buddy tried to recruit me by telling me that I could work on my car when I wasn’t on the clock---so I was sold!”


Greenley was eventually offered a management position, and soon he was running the entire show, followed by full ownership.


“I almost doubled the store’s revenue during that first year in 1991,” he said. “I persuaded Ron that I needed 100% control and then attended Maaco’s franchisee school in King of Prussia, PA. I had a small amount of cash, and we operated out of our checkbook for those first few months before we really started rolling.”


The “we” Greenley refers to is his top-notch crew and his wife, Barb, who shares his vision. She drives the day-to-day operations and provides encouragement to create a positive foundation.


Today, the store is doing nearly $9 million in sales, with 42 employees operating out of a 16,000-square foot facility.


With their Opus IVS ScanSafe™ device and CCC ONE integration, Greenley’s crew can do all their scanning with a single tool.


“We get 100 vehicles in here every week and most of them need to be scanned,” he said. “But with this system, there is never a bottleneck.


"We used to need multiple scanners to do our pre- and post-scans, but no longer. We perform a pre-repair scan while the estimate is being written and...

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