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Auto Body Shop Owner Says Elitek Vehicle Services Saves Him Time and Money

Written by Autobody News Staff
More and more companies like TriStar Collision are using Elitek for their diagnostics. More and more companies like TriStar Collision are using Elitek for their diagnostics.


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If you’re the owner of a small independent auto body shop or even the regional manager for a large MSO, you’re probably already jobbing out your diagnostics, or at least seriously thinking about it.

TriStar Collision
Location: Brentwood, TN
(615) 489-4400


Company at a Glance...
Type: Collision Repair
Facility Employees: Four
In Business Since: 2020
Production Space: 7,000 square feet


If you’re already working with Elitek Vehicle Services, an LKQ company, you’ve figured out trying to do everything in-house isn’t often the wise way to go, especially when it comes to automotive diagnostics.


With today’s cars, containing countless sensors and cameras, the diagnostics game has gone from a specialty service to a free-for-all. There are so many players in the game now. How does a shop find a good diagnostics company that has the right equipment, tools and skills to do the job precisely on hundreds of vehicles?


Jeff Sullivan, managing partner at TriStar Collision, has worked more than three decades in the collision repair industry, as a combo tech, an estimator and ultimately in management for several MSOs. He has worked for several shops during his career that have used Elitek Vehicle Services with great success.


Sullivan’s career in collision repair all began in 1989 by happenstance.


LKQ Tristar June 2021 SPS 2

TriStar Collision relies on Elitek to accurately diagnose, repair and re-calibrate all vehicle systems.


“I was in and out of college and trying to figure out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life,” Sullivan said. “I had a car that needed a few repairs and one of my buddies told me that his father had a shop. The next thing I knew, I was working for them doing whatever was needed. I was fascinated by the industry right away. These people were taking wrecks and fixing them, and their customers were delighted!”


After about six months, things began clicking for Sullivan and his career went on a fast track.


“One night, the owner of the shop asked me to paint a 1965 Chevy in baby blue with a white stripe, and after that, I was hooked, big-time.”

Sullivan is entering an exciting time at TriStar Collision, where he and his partner, John Hughes, have plans to expand at a steady rate. Their goal is to open eight to 10 new locations within the next five years and to leverage their longstanding relationships with car dealers and insurance partners.


To hit those ambitious numbers, Sullivan and Hughes know they need to partner with vendors that will alleviate headaches before they happen. For all their automotive diagnostics, TriStar Collision had been calling upon Elitek Vehicle Services to accurately diagnose, repair and re-calibrate all vehicle systems well before Sullivan entered into this new partnership.


Initially, Sullivan called on Elitek Vehicle Services only for the most difficult diagnoses, but when he lost his No. 1 mechanic, it really opened his eyes.


“I figured why should I invest a lot of money in all these different types of scan tools and equipment?” he said. “Or I can have Elitek Vehicle Services come here, perform the duties that need to be done and allow us to move on. They are...

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