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Carpe Diem Relies on Equalizer for All Its Mobile Glass Services

Written by Autobody News Staff
Carpe Diem Automotive Reconditioning is succeeding by offering mobile glass services and using Equalizer’s glass tools. Carpe Diem Automotive Reconditioning is succeeding by offering mobile glass services and using Equalizer’s glass tools.


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At Carpe Diem Automotive Reconditioning in Oklahoma City, OK, the company’s name means “seize the day” in Latin and it matches the way they do business.

Carpe Diem Automotive Reconditioning
Location: Oklahoma City, OK


Company at a Glance…
Type: Collision Repair
Facility Employees: 25
In Business Since: 2009
Number of Locations: 30
Combined Production Space: 30,000 square feet


Without exception, this company, which serves Texas and Oklahoma with a fleet of 18 vans, is seizing every day, and that’s why it's grown at a steady rate since its inception 12 years ago. With an impressive client roster consisting of large national companies with enormous fleets, Carpe Diem is focused on a sensible plan for nationwide expansion.


The company’s menu of services includes every type of full automotive reconditioning, consisting of upholstery and interior repairs, Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), bumper repairs, spot paint and glasswork.


One of the reasons Carpe Diem is doing well is the fact that it uses Equalizer glass tools to perform several tasks, including windshield removal and installation, and anything else glass-related.


Equalizer CarpeDIem June 2021 SPS 2

Carpe Diem has an all-star team and Equalizer’s glass tools make them even more effective every day.


With a wide range of Equalizer glass tools with cool names like Raptor, Blackhawk and Viper in the company-wide arsenal, not to mention some Rock Star Roadie Windshield Repair Kits, Carpe Diem is right on the cutting edge when it comes to its mobile glasswork.


Regional Director of Oklahoma Zach Newlin has seen Carpe Diem grow under the direction of owner Brent Black. Newlin wears a lot of different hats for the company, including marketing, community outreach, customer service and operations within the Sooner State.


Oklahoma’s state slogan is “Labor Conquers All Things” and Carpe Diem fits the bill, Newlin said.


“We have been successful because we are not afraid to work hard and do whatever it takes,” he said. “Our owner realized that there was a need 12 years ago for a company like Carpe Diem because he saw that there was a lack of professionalism in this industry.


“Our auto glass technicians understand that every glass job is important because our customers’ safety is always a major concern,” he said. “That’s why we always use the best materials in the industry for our auto glass division and that is, Equalizer glass tools. We make certain that every installation is done correctly the first time and by taking take the time to perform an ultrasonic sound test on each and every windshield we replace.”


Newlin is also not afraid to give his glass crew much respect because he feels they are some of the industry’s crème de la crème.


“We recently hired Brian Baker, who is a fourth generation glassier who is currently running our glass department,” he said. “John Deleon is in charge of car interiors and Tristan DuBose does account management and runs our paint department.”


You can have an all-star team, but unless they have the right tools to do the job, what’s the point? Newlin has that box neatly checked and...

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