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AZ Auto Body Shop Boosts Efficiency with 'Most Advanced Drying System on the Planet'

Written by Autobody News Staff
Shop owner Tim Beal credits his shop’s efficiency to the culture he has created, as well as the processes he’s implemented, and the US Autocure infrared curing system. Shop owner Tim Beal credits his shop’s efficiency to the culture he has created, as well as the processes he’s implemented, and the US Autocure infrared curing system.


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Beal’s Auto Body & Paint employs nine technicians who repair 136 vehicles monthly, a feat that seems to be a small miracle requiring a hypervigilant auto body shop owner, but these days, owner Tim Beal only spends about a quarter of his time in the shop.

Beal’s Auto Body & Paint
Location: Prescott, AZ
(928) 445-2295

Facebook: @Beals-Auto-Body-Inc


Company at a Glance…
Type: Collision Repair
Facility Employees: 17
In Business Since: 1988
Number of Locations: One
DRP Programs: Two
Production Space: 12,000 square feet


He credits his shop’s efficiency to the culture he’s created, the processes he’s implemented and the US AutoCure infrared curing system, sold by his distributor, Industrial Finishes & Systems.


“The ability of independent shops to stay in business in the future will hinge on efficiency. We’ll need to repair more vehicles with the same equipment and people, requiring us to lower cycle times to stay competitive,” Beal said.


His shop maintains a 6.8 keys-to-keys cycle time. “It makes the insurance companies happy, but shops and their employees can profit, too," he said.


Industrial Finishes June 2021 SPS 2

No modifications or expansions are required to install the US Autocure---it fits right in existing paint booths.


Understanding happy employees are more productive employees, Beal implemented a total TEAM system, incentivizing his team by providing an opportunity to increase their income. Rather than paying technicians for their individual work, a portion of sales and labor profits are placed in a pool, which is divided amongst the shop’s employees, based on performance.


"They aren't employees; they're stakeholders in my company. The techs make about 25% more on TEAM than they could individually," Beal explained. “We're creating a culture where we all work together for a common goal. My guys have really taken ownership of it. Attitude is everything.”


Beal’s employees have the advantage of working four 10-hour shifts, offering an improvement over the typical auto body shop work/life balance.


“Everyone is in a good mood, and my techs average 98% efficiency,” Beal said. “With our TEAM system, everyone knows what it takes in hours and sales to achieve their idea paycheck, so they work together to achieve that goal. Teamwork makes us more efficient than a lot of other businesses.”


A positive work environment goes a long way, but the US AutoCure Phoenix pulls its weight, too.


“The Phoenix allows us to cure a bedside or two panels in 30 minutes; we can reduce 10 hours of paint time to just one-hour cycle time through the booth---our paint-to-reassembly cycle time averages two hours," according to Beal. "The efficiency of the Phoenix allowed us to process $4.4 million through one paint booth in 2019 while maintaining excellent quality.”


Employee satisfaction is important to Beal, and the US AutoCure Phoenix does not disappoint.


“My guys love it. They get their work done sooner and are able to go home earlier,” he said.


Although it was modeled after similar European drying systems, the US AutoCure was created because...

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