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Maverick of Color Lauds Matrix Edge for Color Matching and Versatility

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Brand-X Customs provides flawless finishes on customers’ specialized rides, thanks to the superior color-matching delivered by the Matrix Edge, a Valspar Automotive Brand. Brand-X Customs provides flawless finishes on customers’ specialized rides, thanks to the superior color-matching delivered by the Matrix Edge, a Valspar Automotive Brand.


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Richard Petty. Steve Wynn. Carroll Shelby. The Busch family. Ann and Nancy Wilson from Heart. Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains.

Brand-X Customs
Location: Everett, WA
(425) 230-0549

Facebook: @brandxcustoms


Company at a Glance…
Type: Collision Repair & Customs
Facility Employees: Seven
In Business Since: 2005
Number of Locations: One
DRP Programs: None
Production Space: 5,000 square feet


When repairing and customizing vehicles for such high-profile personalities, providing quality collision and custom work is as important as offering innovative suggestions. Brandon Knowles, owner of Brand-X Customs, offers a formula for exceeding customer expectations---this 2020 Maverick of Color only sprays with the Matrix EdgeTM refinish system, a Valspar Automotive® brand.


Knowles captured the industry’s attention with his 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback, featured in the Valspar booth during SEMA 2016. Three years later, he was named a 2020 Matrix Edge Maverick of Color.


“To me, a Maverick of Color is a painter who goes against the grain,” Knowles said. “I was honored to receive the award. I’ve worked hard my whole life and feel blessed to be recognized for my craftsmanship. When customers see all the achievements hanging on my office wall, it gives them the confidence to know they’re in the right place to get their vehicle worked on.”


A fourth-generation collision repair professional, Knowles was practically born into the industry. After high school, he worked in his father’s shop, where a jobber introduced him to the Matrix paint system in the late 1990s.


SW1 Valspar June 2021 SPS 2

Brand-X Customs specializes in bringing customers’ tailor-made dreams to life.


“We immediately liked it,” Knowles said. “It was cost-effective, allowing us to reduce our materials overhead without sacrificing quality or durability.”


After his father sold the auto body shop at the turn of the millennium, Knowles spent the next few years traveling the country, performing work on cars featured in movies, television and magazines.


To achieve the polished appearance needed for those visual industries, he continued spraying with the Matrix refinish system. His work on customized vehicles for celebrity clientele reaffirmed his belief in the value of using high-quality paint and materials to create his masterpieces, a belief that has continued to serve him since he founded Brand-X Customs in 2005.


When Valspar Automotive released the Matrix Edge product line in 2019, Brand-X Customs was the first shop in the state of Washington to begin using it, and although the pandemic created challenges with training schedules, Knowles found it simple enough to make the switch.


“It took a couple weeks to acclimate to the new color and toner codes,” he said. “The computer program is a little different, but I managed---and I’m not even a computer guy.”


Since Knowles was among the first to begin spraying with Matrix Edge, he had some questions early on, but as soon as he called or emailed for help, Valspar Automotive’s technical team “would be right there; I couldn’t ask for better customer service, and their local customer service is stellar, too.”


Having gained some early experience with the product, Knowles offered advice to newer users in online forums, connecting with shops across the country and growing his own knowledge of the system.


“Using the Spectro camera and the software, the color matches with the Matrix Edge have been amazing,” Knowles said, explaining, “Local shops send us the work they can’t or won’t do, especially the custom, specialized paint jobs. We love...

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