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PPG ENVIROBASE® High Performance Paint System Pushes Auto Body Shop into Tomorrow and Beyond

Written by Autobody News Staff
Jim Loynes, left, and his son Austin switched to PPG’s ENVIROBASE High Performance Waterborne paint system and are loving every minute of it. Jim Loynes, left, and his son Austin switched to PPG’s ENVIROBASE High Performance Waterborne paint system and are loving every minute of it.


...switch to PPG’s Envirobase waterborne product in 2019. Around the same time, they connected their two buildings with a drive-through paint booth and were ready to enter a new and exciting period in their history.

Before integrating the new paint line into their production, Austin and the rest of his paint crew traveled to PPG’s Business Development Center.


“Before we made the transition, we went down there with the people from Painters Supply and sprayed all morning long,” Austin said. “We looked at the clears, sealers and basecoats, and had an opportunity to play around with them a little bit. At the end of the day, we signed a deal. We couldn’t be happier.”


Becoming a greener business by saying hello to a waterborne paint after spraying solvent for 22 years was a major part of the decision.


Complete PPG June 2021 SPS 3

Even the shop dog Jax is all-in with PPG.


“We were always thinking about waterborne because we noticed that all of other shops around here are shooting solvent,” Austin said. “We want to be known as an environmentally responsible company, and the PPG Envirobase helps us to do that. We want our customers to know that we are using it, so we post about it on our social media all the time, and the feedback we’ve been getting is awesome.”


One major obstacle with their former paint system was related to color matches, Austin said, a problem he doesn’t have anymore.


“We got tired of always having to rely on the camera that our former paint supplier provided. In order to dial in the right colors, we were often blindly searching to find that acceptable variance. PPG’s system is very straightforward and easy to use. The other system we were using required too many steps, but now we are getting dead-on color matches and saving a ton of time.”


Now that the Loyneses are sitting pretty with their new PPG Envirobase waterborne system that’s performing like an all-star and consistently achieving precise color matches, it’s time to give much respect to those who helped them to get to the next level.


“Our PPG representative, Brian Shelley, is great; our regional manager is Aaron Rogers and he’s incredible too. Ron Miner at Painters Supply and Equipment is really knowledgeable. Whenever we ask anything from any of them, they are always right there with the answer, and the overall support from this team is the best.”


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