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Rely-On Technologies is an MSO’s Go-To Solution for Spray Booths

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Tom Gregg, owner of Platinum Collision (center), and Al Ortiz, president of Rely-On Technologies (far right) have worked closely together with the rest of Rely-On’s team to acquire Garmat booths in most of Gregg’s eight locations. Tom Gregg, owner of Platinum Collision (center), and Al Ortiz, president of Rely-On Technologies (far right) have worked closely together with the rest of Rely-On’s team to acquire Garmat booths in most of Gregg’s eight locations.


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Your paint spray booth is the only piece of equipment which almost every vehicle must travel through before being returned to the customer. A well-built and properly maintained spray booth is a cash register, while a sub-par one is more like a slot machine---sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

Platinum Collision Centers
(844) 4-PLATNUM


Company at a Glance...
Type: Collision Repair
Facility Employees: 80
In Business Since: 2014
Number of Locations: Eight
Combined Production Space: 200,000 square feet


Rely-On Technologies, a 37-year-old company that oversees sales and installations for Garmat USA spray booths in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada, has a successful track record for tailoring the auto body shop layout and equipment to the client's individual needs, procuring permits and managing equipment construction, while collaborating with local and federal agencies to ensure the project is in full code compliance---including concrete, mechanical assembly, electrical, plumbing and fire suppression.


The company’s primary focus is to provide a turnkey installation from concept to completion.


Rely-On recently engaged with Tom Gregg, owner of Platinum Collision Centers in Southern California, with eight locations and counting. Every one of his locations has Garmat USA paint booths from Rely-On.


Gregg entered the collision repair industry after completing a ROP program at Norco High School in Corona, CA. He liked the fact he could leave school every day at noon to work at a local body shop. He was a go-fer admittedly, but he loved it.


“I was the doughnut boy, the guy who delivers parts and sweeps the floor, but I was learning all the time,” Gregg said. “I went to high school for two reasons---to play sports and to attend my collision repair classes.”


Rely On June 2021 SPS 2

Gregg loves his Garmat booths and continually thanks Rely-On and the Ortiz family for their product support and knowledge.


At 19, Gregg decided to go for the money, so he started selling cellphones in 1999 when they were hotter than flapjacks.


One day, he was involved in an accident in his new pickup truck, which pulled him back into the world of collision repair. Long story short, Gregg was hired by the auto body shop and worked there for 15 years, starting out as a parts assistant, but quickly ascending to become the shop’s general manager.

The time to fly out of the nest and soar took place in 2014, when Gregg found his first location in his hometown of Corona. Like any young business, his shop struggled at the outset, but pretty soon it was making a nice profit.


“I began looking at the demographics in the surrounding areas and I saw there was a need for shops that could repair the higher-end vehicles,” he said. “So, I started building shops from the ground up all along Highway 15.”


Gregg is well-known for not cutting costs every time he builds a new location. His customers call his shops “palaces,” containing all the top cutting-edge tools and equipment in the industry today. For this reason, each of Gregg’s locations is certified to work on Teslas and Maseratis.

During every step of Gregg’s accelerated expansion, he worked closely with...

... Al Ortiz Jr., owner of Rely-On Technologies. When Gregg talks about Rely-On and the family that runs it, you can hear the enthusiasm in his voice.


“Al knows the paint booth industry from A to Z, and working with him and his four sons (Alfonso III, Joseph, Erick and Raymond) and his administration team (Karen Mendez and Julia Lomeli) have been a huge part of our success,” he said. “Garmat makes an incredible product, there is no doubt. But Rely-On’s real strength is the Ortiz team and their ability to navigate through the entire process.


"They know how to get permits, communicate with the utility providers and the local air quality control, as well as helping us to lay out our floor plan that works well for our technicians and our production processes.”


With eight Garmats in all of Gregg’s shops, he doesn’t worry about his spray booths, he said.


Rely On June 2021 SPS 3

Gregg specializes in repairing top tier nameplates, so that’s why all of his locations maintain high standards for performance and appearance.


“The value-added services that Rely-On and Garmat provide are really important,” he said. “I have met Johan, the owner of Garmat several times, and their marketing person Debbie is awesome. We have a great product and the support is unbelievable. You can’t get any better than that!”


Gregg looked at all of the spray booths on the market, but quickly realized he’s already in a prime position with Garmat booths with support from Rely-On.


“We never need additional airflow to cure these vehicles, and we never get things like solvent pop or dirt in the line. I tell my painters that I bought the best booths I can find, so if you’re not doing a great paint job every time, it’s on you.”


Gregg is happy with eight locations. He wants to make it an even 10, though he’s not in any rush.


“Two more shops in the next two years would be nice,” he said. “Expansion and scaling the business has to be done strategically, and finding good people is one of our main obstacles. But, if I can continue to work with companies like Rely-On Technologies and Garmat, we’ll be in a good position for at least the next 20 to 25 years.”


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Rely-On Technologies
PO Box 551
La Habra, CA 90633
(562) 697-7095

Serving California, Arizona and Nevada


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