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Support from Autotality and Booths From Garmat is a Win-Win for a Growing MSO

Written by Autobody News Staff
Autotality (formerly known as Filterworks USA) recently installed three Garmat spray booths for MITCHCO, a rapidly growing MSO in Florida. Autotality (formerly known as Filterworks USA) recently installed three Garmat spray booths for MITCHCO, a rapidly growing MSO in Florida.


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To stay competitive in the rapidly changing industry of collision repair, finding great business partners along the way is crucial. Just ask the father-son team that owns and operates MITCHCO Collision Repair, with four locations in Southern Florida.

MITCHCO Collision Repair
Location: Southern Florida
(321) 450-4056


Company At A Glance...
Type: Collision Repair
Facility Employees: 45
In Business Since: 2020
Number of Locations: Four
Combined Production Space: 50,000 square feet


By establishing an exceptional relationship with Autotality, a Garmat spray booth distributor, Dave Mitchell and his son D.J. have reaped the many benefits of working with this impressive team as they work toward expanding to five stores.


Autotality, formerly known as Filterworks USA, was established by Gregg Strandberg in 1988 to provide air conditioning and paint booth filtration services to body shops in Southern Florida. In 1990, the company became a distributor for Garmat USA, one of the world’s leading spray booth manufacturers.


Since Autotality’s alignment with Garmat, Autotality has become one of its top three North American distributors for 25 years in a row, including a full decade at the very top of that list. Over the years, the highly-experienced team at Autotality has installed more than 1,500 Garmat spray booths in the Southeast as the exclusive Garmat distributor for Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina and Eastern Tennessee.


In 2008, the company became a licensed general and mechanical contractor in Florida, giving Autotality the ability to offer turn-key projects featuring facility design, permitting, project management and equipment installation. Autotality has also become licensed general contractors in Georgia and North Carolina.


Garmat Oct 2020 SPS 2

The highly-experienced team at Autotality has installed more than 1,500 Garmat spray booths for body shops over the years.


Autotality currently employs a staff of nearly 100 people, including a knowledgeable and highly responsive sales team, skilled technicians and an experienced design team dedicated exclusively to handling every aspect of the installation of every Garmat booth.


MITCHCO Collision Repair Vice President and Co-Owner D.J. Mitchell and his father have become adept at acquiring existing body shops and building others from the ground up. They’ve done it several times over and have made money each time by doing it smartly and using companies like Autotality.


“We look at every opportunity and weigh all of the pros and cons carefully before we even consider buying a shop or building one,” Mitchell said. “But we are not afraid to expand rapidly, as long as the situation is right and we can continue to provide a high-quality product to our customers and insurance partners.”

Three MITCHCO locations were built from the ground up, so they installed brand new Garmat booths in those facilities. The installation process went smoothly and the booths are exceeding the Mitchells’ highest expectations, D.J. said.


“In each case, it took roughly two weeks to get them in, which we thought was exceptional,” he said. “These are definitely higher-end booths. We really like the way they have the lights set up so that there are never any shadows and their dual inlet reverse incline fans provide more than enough air movement to do the job using our waterborne paint system. When it gets cold here, which is rare, they are well-heated and we never miss a beat or have to compromise the quality.”


Part of their recipe for scaling shops and emulating their proven formula involves MITCHCO’s commitment to Garmat USA, which has been designing and manufacturing industry-leading paint booth equipment in the U.S. since 1988. Well known for being on the cutting edge with innovative products, Garmat paint booths are constructed with the highest quality components in its state-of-the-art facility in Englewood, CO.


Garmat Oct 2020 SPS 3

Big expansion plans for the future at MITCHCO will undoubtedly include both Autotality and Garmat.


When D.J. and his dad start looking to open new locations, they can be certain a Garmat in each facility will enable them to produce a quality finished product every time.


“These Garmat booths are absolute workhorses,” Mitchell said. “With dual inlet reverse incline turbine fans, direct fire burners and durable construction, they are designed to run effi ciently and last a long time. They’re also very reliable, which is nice, because we never have to worry about them. The airflow is the best in the industry and the lighting package is Grade A, and with Autotality doing all of the maintenance, we couldn’t be in a better position with these two vendors.”


To keep their Garmat booths up and running and performing like a fleet of Rolls Royces, Autotality handles it all skillfully and on time.


“When it comes to any piece of equipment that’s used heavily like a Garmat booth, support and maintenance is key,” Mitchell said. “Autotality offers overnight afterhours service so that they can come in to do their work without interrupting our production. Changing the filters based on a schedule devised by our managers and Autotality allows us to keep our booths healthy and ready to perform. This way, 20 years from now, we will still be using these same booths and getting the same amazing results.”


Further expansion is in the future for the Mitchell family and MITCHCO, and Autotality and Garmat will undoubtedly continue to play an integral role.


“We all work well together, because Autotality goes over the top with its services and knowledge and Garmat is a world-class product. It’s a winning combination and a recipe for ongoing success!”


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3452 SW 15th St., Deerfield, FL 33442
Company Contact: Cole Strandberg
(800) 726-6400


1401 Stanford Ave., Englewood, CO 80110
Company Contact: Debbie Teter
(303) 781-6802 ext. 417


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