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Custom Auto Body Enjoys Improved Color Matching and Cost With DeBeer Refinish Solvent System

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Custom Auto Body has seen improved color matching and decreased product cost since they started using the DeBeer Refinish solventborne refinish system.
NOTE: This October SPS was originally published online in September 2019.
Randy Tietze, general manager of Custom Auto Body, Inc. in North Canton, Ohio, grew up in the collision repair industry.



Custom Auto Body Inc.
Location: North Canton, OH
(330) 499-8922
Company At A Glance...
Type: Collision Repair
Facility Employees: 21
In Business Since: 1961
Number of Locations: One
DRP Programs: Five
Combined Production Space:
10,000 square feet


His father, Ron Tietze, founded the business in 1961, and Randy recalls, “I was born the same year and there weren’t any preschools in that era so I was always taken to the shop with my mom, Judy, who was the secretary. I can remember riding my tricycle on the sidewalk out front.”
“Once I hit high school, I arranged my class schedule so I could come in around noon to sweep floors and help out in whatever way I could,” Tietze continues. “I grew up with the business and developed an undying passion for cars.”
Ron Tietze was employed as a fabricator before he founded Custom Auto Body, but because he really loved working on cars, he bought a two-car garage and converted it into a shop where he’d work in the evenings until he decided, “This is what I’m going to do,” his son shares, noting, “The business just grew from there. We relocated to North Canton in 1968 where we grew from a two-bay garage to a 10,000 square feet production space.”
Tietze credits the shop’s success to their emphasis on performing high-quality repairs. He says, “Being in business for 58 years says something about our workmanship and I strive hard to exceed our customers’ expectations for quality. My team knows that delivering a safe and proper repair every single time is far more important than the quantity of vehicles we restore.”
Of course, a successful collision repair facility with 21 employees repairing an average of 150 vehicles each month still needs to keep an eye on volume, cost and other metrics, such as cycle time, but Tietze put Custom Auto Body in safe hands in 2013 when he opted to begin spraying the BeroBase 500 Series solvent refinish system by DeBeer Refinish®, a Valspar® Automotive brand.

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Custom Auto Body was founded in 1961, the same year General Manager Randy Tietze was born, and Tietze grew up in his father's shop.
According to Tietze, “We use all of DeBeer’s liquid products. When we first explored the possibility of switching paint brands, we discovered that the DeBeer Refinish solvent system was cost-effective compared to our previous product, and when we tried it out, the color matching was spot on. Being able to avoid time delays caused by tinting and other color concerns led to a definite increase in productivity; only having to paint a vehicle once has saved us a lot of money, so we’ve also seen improved profitability.”
DeBeer Refinish BeroBase 500 Series is also very easy to use – implementation of the new product was a breeze for Custom Auto Body. Tietze shares, “There’s always a bit of a learning curve up front with a new paint system because each product sprays out differently than what you’re accustomed to, but the transition to De- Beer Refinish solvent was almost seamless because their system is so dang simple. It only took us a week or so to really get into the new system, learn it well and figure out how the paint reacts. DeBeer Refinish brand solvents, thinners and catalysts can be intermixed with one another and that makes using the system much less confusing compared to other brands.”


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Collision industry professionals at Custom Auto Body ensure that all vehicles receive a safe and proper repair, and they are able to deliver on that promise more efficiently with the utilization of DeBeer Refinish paint and products.
Representatives for the DeBeer Refinish system also provide clients with superior customer service. “When we have any questions, they’re right there like Johnny-onthe-spot,” Tietze says. “They keep us informed of new products that might help us become even more productive and profitable. They’re always available to provide us with guidance and help us grow our business.”
The collision repair professionals employed at Custom Auto Body also appreciate the DeBeer Refinish product line and the support they receive. Tietze notes, “My guys have been using it for years and they love the DeBeer Refinish solvent system because it makes their jobs easier.”
His employees’ satisfaction is important to Tietze. “We’re a family-run business and we treat our employees well because they are a huge contributing factor to the shop’s success,” he explains. “We have a super slow turnover rate; if it wasn’t for some prior employees retiring, our entire team would have over 30 years’ tenure with Custom Auto Body.”
Discussing current trends and the future of the industry, Tietze observes, “Cars’ electronics are getting so sophisticated and it’s exciting to see how vehicle technology is constantly changing; however, it requires training and education to stay on top of it.”
Tietze adds, “I have a lifetime of experience. I know Custom Auto Body – this is my life. I stick to what I know and how we do business, and I know business has improved since we started using DeBeer Refinish. With all the other changes in the industry, paint is one area we don’t have to worry about because we know we’ve got a simple, easy to use paint system that provides better color matching at a lower cost.”

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DeBeer Refinish, A Valspar® Automotive Brand
4440 Warrensville Center Road
Warrensville Heights, OH 44128
(800) 321-0672


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