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Shop Saw Miracle Steel YouTube Video and Was Sold

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Jack Hart Body Shop is removing dents faster and easier with its Miracle Panel Repair System from Equipment Gateway.
NOTE: This October SPS was originally published online in September 2019.
Since 1965, Jack Hart Body Shop in Radcliff, KY, has been stressing quality and accountability and that’s why they’ve been able to establish a great reputation in a town with a population of roughly 23,000 people.



Jack Hart Body Shop
Radcliff, KY
(270) 351-3637
Company At A Glance...
Type: Collision Repair
Facility Employees: 20
In Business Since: 1965
Number of Locations: One
Combined Production Space:
20,000 square feet


To keep his customers happy and coming back, Co-owner Buddy Hart is always looking for cutting-edge equipment; so, he bought the Miracle Panel Repair System from Equipment Gateway, a company that’s known for distributing some of the world’s most innovative tools and equipment in the collision repair industry today.
Hart’s father bought an existing shop in 1965 and Buddy joined the business 19 years later. “I started here in 1990 after I attended college for a minute to join my brother Steve,” he said. “He is five years older than me and I tell people that he’s book smart and I’m street smart. He handles all of the legal and administrative stuff, the books and the payroll, while I do more of the production-related things, and it works out well.”
Hart is happy to be working in the collision repair industry at the right time in history, he said. “With all of these sophisticated ADAS systems in today’s cars; OE certifications being more important than ever and autonomous vehicles coming closer and closer to reality, I can’t see things getting any better than this,” Hart said. “The transportation sector is going to change in huge ways within the next decade, so that’s why we are always trying to stay ahead of the game by keeping up with the technology.”
One of Hart’s main deliverables is purchasing new products, tools and equipment to fix approximately 125 vehicles monthly. He performs his due diligence and researches every product thoroughly, but once Hart saw the Miracle System in action, he was sold. In this case, Hart watched a YouTube video to learn more about the system and was convinced even before the three-minute clip ended.
To seal the deal, Hart contacted another reputable shop owner in Kentucky that had been using the system for at least two years. “He told me it was a must,” he said. “They’re using it every day without any issues, so it was really a no-brainer after his endorsement. When you hear something positive from another shop owner about any piece of equipment, it means a lot, because we’re all in the same boat and the goal is to fix these cars correctly. I’m a skeptical person by nature, but once I can see that something works, I’m not afraid to pull the trigger.”

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Steve (left) and Buddy Hart are always looking for equipment that can save them time and money, and that’s why they bought the Miracle Panel Repair System.
The Miracle System was developed in Japan more than three decades ago. Most of the other dent repair systems on the market today are simply inferior copies of the Miracle System that are designed to hit a lower price point. The system is made with a proprietary alloy of titanium and aluminum, which means that it will thrive in a harsh body shop environment while lasting a lifetime. Available in A, B and C packages depending on a body shop’s specific needs and applications, the Miracle System is well known for not sacrificing quality or durability, according to the company’s website.
Hart is sold on the system, because he has seen it work and his crew gives it nothing but kudos. “I love this piece of equipment,” Hart said. “We’ve been using it for around 18 months now and it’s awesome. We’re removing dents faster and easier than ever and this system has already paid for itself. It enables us to do the work in a more controlled fashion and we never burn the backside of the metal, which was an issue before we got the Miracle Panel Repair System from Equipment Gateway. With any piece of equipment, the goal is to make our lives easier and provide value and that’s exactly what we’re getting with this system.”


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Jack Hart Body Shop has been around for more than five decades by stressing quality and embracing new technology.
Prior to the Miracle System, Hart’s crew was fumbling around with a stud welder and a flat hammer to achieve questionable results. But, now it’s one of his shop’s go-to tools and something they’re using daily, he said. “I have two techs that are really good at using it, and it’s pretty amazing to see the finished product when they’re done. The bottom line is that we are now repairing dents that we had no chance of fixing before. Our actual Bondo time has been reduced significantly, which means we save time and materials. It allows us to straighten the metal precisely and align it exactly, so we can repair panels instead of replacing them.”
To become adept at using it, a trainer from Equipment Gateway came to Jack Hart Body Shop to get his crew up and running with the Miracle System. “It took just one day to explain the system and its nuances, and my guys were using it almost immediately. The system is user-friendly and we haven’t had any problems with it. In fact, we haven’t had to call them at all since we got this equipment, which is exceptional.”

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