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Saturday, 31 August 2019 21:24

Consumer Auto Body Commends Lusid GenRock for High Quality Finish at a Low Cost

Written by Autobody News Staff

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Michael Fusco pursued his lifelong passion for cars by opening Consumer Auto Body in 1993.
NOTE: This October SPS was originally published online in September 2019.
Michael Fusco founded Consumer Auto Body in White Plains, NY, in 1993 after renting a garage and repairing vehicles on his own for four years.



Consumer Auto Body
Location: White Plains, NY
(914) 993-0768
Company At A Glance...
Type: Collision Repair
Facility Employees: Six
In Business Since: 1993
Number of Locations: One
DRP Programs: Two
Combined Production Space:
3,000 square feet


His ability to turn his small shop into a successful business was made possible by his strong reputation for delivering a quality repair.
“We give every customer 100 percent from entry to exit, both personally and in terms of work performed,” Fusco said. “We have 25 years of repeat customers and their family and friends who have become our friends and that guaranteed quality is reflected in our five-star review rating.”
Fusco discovered a new way to enhance the quality of his shop’s repairs in 2015 when his distributor, Cold Spring Automotive Distributors, told him about the GenRock paint line by Lusid Technologies. Fusco shared, “Doug, my supplier, told me what a great product Lusid offers, so I agreed to a demo. After we tried it in the shop for a few weeks on our own, the machine never left. We use the complete Lusid system, from Lusid’s primers to their GenRock Basecoat and 5010 clearcoat.”
Implementing Lusid’s GenRock into his daily business operations process was easy from a procedure standpoint, but getting his employees buy-in was a bit more challenging initially. “Like any new product you introduce to your shop, most employees are reluctant to adapt to it at first – until they see the end result quality and how it really makes their job easier,” Fusco noted.
“The body men like the primers for the smooth application it applies. The prep department likes the easy sanding qualities, giving them an easier and faster production. Our painter who is fairly new to the shop has said he spends less time completing jobs from start to finish compared to his previous job which uses a well-named label,” Fusco continued. “Lusid’s product proved itself in performance, quality and cost, as well as ease of application.”

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As they admire the factory finish achieved with GenRock, owner Mike Fusco and shop foreman Roy Santana appreciate the lack of buffing required with Lusid’s paint line, which saves the shop a ton of time and effort.
Fusco began working in collision repair facilities while he was still in high school; even as a child, he did body work on his model cars. Fusco’s industry experience has allowed him to notice some industry trends. He observed, “Photo inspections are becoming more prevalent which is dangerous to the insureds who aren’t knowledgeable enough to request their vehicles get inspected properly, so they could be unknowingly driving unsafe vehicles.”
“Each model year, vehicles get more technical and complex,” Fusco said. “Fortunately, new equipment and products are constantly being developed to keep up with the industry’s demands, but shops need to invest in training to ensure they are restoring customers’ vehicles to their pre-accident condition. You have to stay up with the industry to survive.”


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Mike Fusco urges shops, “You have to stay up with the industry to survive.”
After opening his shop in a local garage in 1989, Fusco was able to incorporate the business in 1993 and buy his current building. Consumer Auto Body’s six employees repair an average of 50 vehicles each month in the shop’s 3,000 square feet of production space. They service two local dealerships in addition to participating in two DRP relationships.
Because customer service has played such a large role in Fusco’s success, it’s one of the most important qualities he seeks when determining which companies he buys products and equipment from. Lusid excels at meeting this need as well. According to Roy Santana, shop foreman at Consumer Auto Body, “Whenever we’ve had any question or concern with GenRock, Lusid’s customer service department has been quick and responsive to our needs, allowing me to spend less time on the phone and more time on the actual repair.”
GenRock is Lusid’s “flagship product” and was designed for quality, coverage and color matching. The line offers a complete range of high-quality 2K single-stage, two-stage and three-stage basecoats. Due to super high pigment loading, GenRock provides excellent coverage with only two coats, saving shops time and money.
Quick flash off means painters spend a minimal amount of time waiting for the basecoat to dry before they can apply clear. Distributed in North America, Lusid’s GenRock features over 90,000 formulations, spectrophotometer, worldwide color match capability—and a lifetime warranty.
Overall, Fusco is very pleased with his decision to convert to the GenRock color system manufactured by Lusid Technologies. He explained, “Over the years, we have used several name brand paint products, all of which came with higher costs. At Consumer Auto Body, we are committed to high standards, and with Lusid, I can ensure that I’m providing my customers with the quality they deserve, a return to their pre-accident condition finish, at a lower cost than I have previously experienced.”
Fusco added, “GenRock is also a more user-friendly system that allows us to be more productive which is important for a smaller shop that repairs as many vehicles as we do monthly. Thank you Lusid Technologies.”

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Lusid Technologies
(801) 966-5300


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