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Beal’s Auto Body Discovers All Damage Up Front With Matrix Wand

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Technicians at Beal’s Auto Body love the Matrix Wand because it’s easy to use and it ensures they bill for all damage up front.
NOTE: This October SPS was originally published online in September 2019.
Efficiency is vital to Tim Beal, owner of Beal’s Auto Body in Prescott, AZ.



Beal’s Auto Body & Repair
Location: Prescott, AZ
(928) 445-2295
Company At A Glance...
Type: Collision Repair
Facility Employees: 19
In Business Since: 1988
Number of Locations: One
DRP Programs: Two
Combined Production Space:
12,000 square feet


One of the largest inefficiencies many shops contend with is estimate supplements. Beal made huge strides in overcoming that challenge at the end of 2018 when he invested in the Matrix Wand.
“In addition to ensuring that we are repairing vehicles correctly and efficiently, the Matrix Wand allows us to feel certain that we’re billing for all damage before repairs begin,” Beal said.
Because use of the Matrix Wand means fewer negotiations with insurers, Beal’s Auto Body boasts the best cycle time in their market, with Beal reporting 6.8 days keys-to-keys cycle time.
“The Matrix Wand has benefitted our shop in terms of productivity and profitability by helping us to discover all of the vehicle’s damage upfront,” Beal explained. “The result is that we no longer experience delays in the process from added supplements, allowing us to pre-close 95 percent of our repair orders after the blueprint, before we even begin the actual repair.”
Beal’s father was a technician who taught him the trade. Beal began pursuing an automotive career in 1988 when he rented a small stall in a building for $20 per day, equipped it with an air compressor and fan, and started working as a custom painter. Due to his passion for the industry, Beal said, “It was never work—I just loved it!”

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Beal’s Auto Body boasts a 6.8 day cycle time thanks to productivity benefits derived from using the Matrix Wand.
Over the past three decades, Beal’s Auto Body has grown to a 12,000 square foot collision repair facility. He largely credits the success of his business to having a great partner, his wife. Beal shares, “She had just graduated and was starting to work as a nurse when I opened my business. Her income made it possible for me to pursue my dream.”
Open since 1988, Beal’s Auto Body’s 12 technicians repair an average of 155 vehicles each month. Although Beal identifies “getting insurers to pay for OEM certified repairs” as one of his biggest obstacles in operating his business, he predicts that the industry’s future focus will continue to be “repairing cars to OEM standards to relieve the liability shops have taken on as well as to ensure the safety of our customers.”


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The Matrix Wand is the tool of the future, enhancing productivity and efficiency with every use.
Beal said innovation is necessary to stay competitive in the market. His visionary approach to business has included converting to waterborne paint and implementing a TEAM employment structure.
“Attitude is everything,” Beal said. “My guys are stakeholders in my company and we’re creating a culture where we all work together for a common goal.”
Additionally, Beal consistently invests in equipment and tool upgrades, such as the Matrix Wand.
“The ability of independent shops to stay in business will hinge on efficiency in the future,” he said. “Lowering cycle times will require fixing cars faster to stay competitive and the Matrix Wand improves our efficiency right from the start of the process.”
The Matrix Wand is the tool of the future, enhancing productivity and efficiency with every use. The Wand provides comparative measurements and generates all chosen data into a 3D color photo of the customer’s vehicle within 15 minutes. The Matrix Wand’s emphasis on full discovery of all cosmetic and structural damage makes blueprinting modern vehicles easier.
In addition to offering an individualized illustration of the particular vehicle being repaired, the Matrix Wand allows the technician to identify the areas of concern in the preliminary diagnosis and then view the re-measured dimensions post-repair. The Wand’s elaborate reporting features provide the technician with access to a pre and post-repair report that depicts the actual vehicle, including the damaged parts and misaligned control points as well as the alignment of the points, the repair parts and the parts that were repaired prior to painting.
Beal’s employees love the Matrix Wand for its ability to identify all damage at the start of the repair process and for its ease of use.
“After two days of training, provided by Matrix, we were able to integrate the Wand into our process immediately,” Beal said. “If you can operate the camera on your cell phone, you can operate the Matrix Wand. Working with Matrix’s customer service department is just as easy; they’re the best—five stars!”


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