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Mobile Environmental Solutions Portable Paint Booths and PDR Tunnels Provide Flexibility Metro Dent Needs

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Metro Dent has been servicing the PDR needs of the Dallas-Fort Worth area since 1993.
NOTE: This October SPS was originally published online in September 2019.
Metro Dent, based in Lewisville, Texas, got its start in 1993 as a paintless dent repair (PDR) shop serving hail damage and retail door ding claims.



Metro Dent
Lewisville, Texas
(214) 735-8365
Company At A Glance...
Type: Dent Repair
Facility Employees:
Varies by Season (ten-50)
In Business Since: 1993
Number of Locations: One plus
satellite repair facilities as needed
DRP Programs: Zero
Combined Production Space:
23,000 square feet


Over the years, the shop has added other cosmetic repairs to its repertoire, but with PDR as its largest source of revenue, their steady volume occasionally sees a large increase due to seasonal storms. Owner Mike Nosker’s business needs vary from month to month, depending on hail storms in the area, since PDR continues to be the shop’s primary focus.
Metro Dent repairs an average of 50 vehicles each month with weather-related fluctuations being common. The number of employees at the shop also varies by season, ranging from ten to 50 industry professionals comprised of both full-time employees and subcontract labor. Although the only permanent location consists of 23,000 square feet in production space, Metro Dent is able to set up satellite repair facilities as needed thanks to Nosker’s investment in portable paint booths and an inflatable estimating and PDR tunnel, manufactured by Mobile Environmental Solutions.
After meeting Mobile Environmental Solutions President Tom Williams at SEMA in 2018, Nosker invested in an inflatable estimating and PDR tunnel as well as several portable, inflatable paint booths. According to Nosker, “Mobile Environmental Solutions is a local company with excellent customer service. They utilize the highest quality materials and their products are made in the USA. They are flexible with meeting my needs as Metro Dent’s business grows, plus they have a fast response when we have increased needs and demands.”
Nosker continued, “The portable paint booths from Mobile Environmental Solutions are amazing and a perfect supplement for what we need at the permanent facility to our baking booths for paint. Temporary facilities and ceramic coating specialists love the inflatable booth to prevent dust and other contaminants where high baking temperatures are not required and pollutants and dust are in the air.”
Discussing the Estimating and PDR tunnel, Nosker shared, “The estimating tunnel is light years ahead of any potential competition as it was completely thought out without room for improvements. Other estimating machines remove the human element and are supposed to be trusted to perform better, but in reality, they can be inaccurate and were rushed to market before a complete product was ready. It performs indoors and outdoors, creating an environmentally safe structure to remove the risk of human error by providing ultimate estimating conditions. The tunnel can also be utilized under the same conditions to provide additional work space.”

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Mobile Environmental Solutions’ portable paint booths, inflatable estimating and PDR tunnel provides Metro Dent with the flexibility it needs to perform high-quality cosmetic repairs wherever they are needed.
The estimating and PDR tunnel is a high-quality product made from durable materials. According to Nosker, “Mobile Environmental Solutions’ estimating tunnel helps in so many ways from a PDR perspective. It provides an ideal environment for writing estimates since it creates the correct depth perception and distortion needed. The tunnel offers the same lighting and view as techs work within our permanent location, so they’re able to see the dents better and don’t miss any minor cosmetic damage – it allows the estimator to accurately capture all damage to the vehicle. The tunnel is very versatile and is the perfect setting to complete a high-quality repair.”
Implementation of Mobile Environmental Solutions’ products and processes has been very easy, but that ease is just one of the benefits Nosker lists when discussing Metro Dent’s experience with the manufacturer. He shared, “Productivity has increased because the products from Mobile Environmental Solutions have allowed me to set up satellite centers faster to meet demand and they provide me with quick, high quality, additional space to meet volume increases. Profitability has also increased because the booths allow me to set up additional space faster without the need for much pricier, more permanent solutions that would be counterproductive to my business model. The flexibility is vital to Metro Dent’s continued success.”


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Metro Dent’s volume fluctuates frequently based on market demand, but owner Mike Nosker is able to quickly expand his operation space with the use of portable paint booths manufactured by Mobile Environmental Solutions.
“I have also just signed a deal with Enterprise, and the inflatable paint booths will allow me to increase production and service clients in need of fast cycle times,” Nosker continued. “Other great partners of mine, LKQ/Keystone and AkzoNobel, in combination with Mobile Environmental Solutions, give me a complete solution for delivering the highest quality repairs by providing me the best products to do so.”
Nosker added, “My employees could not be happier with the investment in Mobile Environmental Solutions’ portable paint booths and the inflatable estimating and PDR tunnel. They love the products and the ideas from the company on utilizing their equipment to streamline our workflow and productivity.”
Most importantly, the products from Mobile Environmental Solutions meet the flexibility required by Metro Dent’s business model and the company’s customer service department also understands those needs. “As my demand and needs rise, I have been in constant contact with requests that Mobile Environmental Solutions has always been right on top of, servicing my business with zero negative issues,” Nosker stated.


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Mobile Environmental Solutions
1150 McCaleb Road, Suite E-1
Montgomery, TX 77316
(888) 321-1320


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