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Sherwin-Williams® Automotive Finishes Ultra9K™ System Boosts Productivity and Profitability for Virginia Shop

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The employees at Priority Collision Center Chester love spraying with the Ultra9K Waterborne Basecoat System manufactured by Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes.
NOTE: This October SPS was originally published online in September 2019.
Priority Collision Center Chester decided to make a huge change in late 2018.



Priority Collision Center
Location: Chester, VA
(804) 520-2443
Company At A Glance...
Type: MSO
Facility Employees: 61
In Business Since: 2003
Number of Locations: Three
DRP Programs: Six
Combined Production Space:
70,000 square feet


They began using the Ultra9K™ Waterborne Basecoat System manufactured by Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes. Color matching capabilities and a high-quality finish were among the immediate benefits reaped by Priority Collision, but the shop has also enjoyed significant increases in both productivity and profitability as a result of using Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes’ Ultra9K products.
According to Daniel Trapp, director of body operations for all three Priority Collision Centers, “Our productivity has risen 11 percent and our profitability is through the roof. It’s everything we were promised and more.”
Priority Collision Center Chester is one of three body shops that are part of the MSO founded by Dave Perno in 2003. The three locations boasts 70,000 square feet in production space with 61 collision repair professionals repairing an average of 455 vehicles each month. Priority Collision Center Chester participates in six DRP relationships and the shop has received OEM certifications from Toyota and Nissan.
Since Priority Collision Center opened its doors, many changes have taken place in the shop. The changes that took place were one of the largest hurdles to overcome when management made the decision to switch to the Ultra9K Waterborne Basecoat System from Sherwin Williams Automotive Finishes, since it came shortly after the completion of the last major transition. In late 2018, the collision repair, facility had only been using its current paint system for about a year.
Trapp shared, “[Our previous paint switch] in October 2017 was a really tough transition for the team, so even the indication that we were considering another paint brand seemed like a cruel joke – no one was laughing! With the training we received, it was a seamless transition from a process and procedure standpoint. After dealing with everyone’s reluctance for change created by the previous experience, our team has come to really love the Ultra9K product.”

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Employees at Priority Collision Center Chester always ensure that their customers are receiving a safe and proper repair.
The Ultra9K Waterborne Basecoat System manufactured by Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes is one of the most user-friendly refinishing systems on the market. The non-stirring mixing system is comprised of 68 toners and a single reducer, promising shops receive dependable color and reliable application properties.
Priority Collision Center’s willingness to risk another paint brand change originated from a desire to save money on paint and materials, and the shop quickly found that the partnership with Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes provided them with so much more. Trapp shared, “Our total paint and material cost by percentage exceeded 11 percent before we switched to Ultra9K, and we’ve now reduced that to less than 6.5 percent – I never thought that was possible!”


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Using Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes’ Ultra9K Waterborne Basecoat System has improved productivity and profitability for Priority Collision Center Chester.
The non-stir Ultra9K Waterborne Basecoat System minimizes cycle times and enhances overall efficiencies by incorporating Sherwin- Williams Automotive Finishes’ premium undercoats and clearcoats, while allowing for repeatable performance by shops. Priority Collision Center Chester has also noticed increases in shop productivity and efficiency as a result of Ultra9K’s color retrieval experience; Color Access is a spectrophotometer and global color box that makes it easy to match even the most challenging colors.
“We’ve had very few color-related issues because Ultra9K has the best color match capabilities I’ve seen from the three major paint brands I’ve used,” Trapp continued. “When we made this switch, we were looking for a strategic partner that would help improve our business on multiple levels and Sherwin- Williams Automotive Finishes has not disappointed us in the slightest. This product has exceeded all our expectations.”
Discussing some of the industry’s current challenges, Trapp noted, “There are a lot of uneducated adjusters and insurance companies that don’t know what it takes to repair a vehicle, and they refuse to believe that scans and computer resets are important, taking no consideration for our common customer’s safety. It’s a big issue and seems to be getting bigger.”
Looking to the future of the collision repair industry, Trapp predicted, “Vehicles are getting smarter and that will lead to fewer accidents, making it tougher for small shops to compete. The price of education and equipment is skyrocketing, which will leave customers with fewer options and higher costs since only consolidators and dealer shops will be able to afford the necessary investments to continue performing safe and proper repairs.”
Priority Collision Center Chester has made efforts to be environmentally conscientious through the utilization of Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes’ Ultra9K Waterborne Basecoat System as well as by cutting down on paper and plastic masking products. “We are moving towards reusable spray masks to eliminate some waste,” Trapp said.
Priority Collision shops are also very involved with the community and charitable organizations. The company is a major sponsor of the SPCA and the Susan G. Komen Foundation, plus they support local sports teams. Trapp stated, “We recently donated $250,000 to area high schools to purchase new helmets specifically designed to prevent concussions.”


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