Collision Anchoring, Holding And Fixturing Simplified

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Are you curious how all the different parts of EVO 1-2-3 anchoring and holding systems work together to help you easily tackle complicated frame repairs?

We will detail all the items that make up the EVO system in its 3 configurations and how it works with our Car-O-Tronic measuring system.


Car-O-Liner works closely with vehicle manufacturers, also known as Original Equipment Manufacturers or OEMs, to provide the best solutions to collision centers worldwide.


You’ll find solutions that include high-tech equipment, certification and approval from the world’s largest database of vehicle manufacturers.


Structural damage repair can be fast, safe and profitable for your body shop. Our new Hands-on Car-O-Liner series shows you how our complete collision repair solutions can help shops increase productivity and profitability by correcting unibody or full-frame vehicles.


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