EV Curing With US Autocure

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Autobody shops are discovering that painting and curing refinish coatings applied on EVs can be a bit tricky – especially curing – due to the heat sensitivity of the battery packs.

The challenge is that all EV manufacturers have temperature limitations for their vehicles’ battery packs, and all are different. Even the same manufacturer could have different limitations for their different models.

The problem is that conventional convection spray booths (which are used by most autobody shops) result in temperatures that are right at the limit of virtually all manufacturers’ recommendations.

So, what can a bodyshop do to eliminate the potential issues with electric vehicle battery packs?

The answer is infrared curing! Infrared radiation does not penetrate more than a few millimeters below the surface of the vehicle, far removed from battery packs and sensitive comfort and convenience electronics.


Learn more at www.usautocure.com/ev-curing